Home LAST NEWS Hidden Deep, Serious Sam… the Steam games to watch this week

Hidden Deep, Serious Sam… the Steam games to watch this week


Game News Hidden Deep, Serious Sam… the Steam games to watch this week

Like every week, Steam will offer many new releases and, if the most important of them will be launched at the beginning of February, we have listed a list of rather expected releases for this period from January 24 to 30, 2022 on the platform. by Valve

This is a game that in no way tries to hide its influences. On the contrary, he claims them. Citing Alien, Half-Life and The Thing as references, the title of Cogwhell Software is released in early access and will offer you to accomplish perilous missions in an underwater mining complex nestled 1 kilometer deep. Strange anomalies have been detected there and the teams on site no longer give any sign of life. It’s up to you to see what happened by boarding alone, or to them via a local or online coop mode.

This is an atypical title that will reach us next week on the Valve platform. Indeed, something unusual, the arena in which you propel this first-person shooter is your own health. Thus, each damage taken reduces the size of the arena and naturally, you will fall into limbo if the latter falls back on you. It will therefore be necessary to use all the arsenal of powers and movements at your disposal to emerge victorious from Void Slayer, which seems particularly nervous and frantic.

Developed by 40 Giants Entertainment, Reverie Knights Tacticsc is a turn-based tactical RPG where battles take place on an isometric grid. Set in a fantasy environment based on the RPG Tormenta, and featuring a colorful art direction inspired by Visual Novel Reverie Knights Tactics should offer plenty of choice and consequence as it promises us that every decision made is likely to alter the course. Of the history.

If the saga has not only had happy iterations, the name of Serious Sam remains sufficiently cult for the arrival of a new version of the FPS to arouse interest. This time it’s a stand alone that will enrich the world of Serious Sam. Siberian Mayhem will therefore offer you to dive into the heart of Russia and its wilderness in order to face Notorious Mental with an arsenal that we imagine always so dense, to leave you plenty of time to unleash the chaos that we expect from a new episode of Serious Sam.

Zenith: The Last City is an MMO cut out for virtual reality. Compatible with almost all virtual reality headsets on PC, the Ramen VR title immerses you in a colorful universe, which will certainly leave plenty of room for relaxed exploration, but will include its share of hand-to-hand combat as well as distance, and give you the opportunity to forge alliances before taking part in world events.

Here is a second VR title in this selection of the week with Wanderer. Developed by M-Theory and Oddboy, the title puts you in the shoes of Asher Neumann, who will have to change the course of history by traveling through time and space. Mixing arcade, narration and puzzles, Wanderer is to be considered as a kind of boosted escape room compilation, which will take you as much in space as behind the drums of a Woodstock band. An original promise that will be compatible with all VR headsets available for PC.

A new challenger will try to make his mark in the very competitive world of roguelike this week. This will be Deflector. Signed by the Arrowlist Games teams, the title will ask you to repel enemy bullets and try to turn them against them. Naturally, this challenge will be accompanied by many possibilities for improvements allowing you to unlock more and more powerful skills. Available in early access, Deflector features an original art direction and could be a nice surprise if the gameplay lives up to its concept.

Steam’s very free reception policy allows you to regularly come across curiosities with more or less happy inspiration. Isles of Yore could however be a good surprise by immersing you in the heart of a prehistoric ecosystem, in which you will control an animal of your choice. You can then choose the environment that suits you the most and then try to survive it, alone or in a group. Seeking to stick as close as possible to what the life of such a creature could represent, Isles of Yore has a very original promise that we hope will be kept when it is released.