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News good deal Sales: Thrustmaster’s premium PC and Xbox controller down sharply


News good deal Sales: Thrustmaster’s premium PC and Xbox controller down sharply

You probably haven’t missed this little gem of engineering in the service of gaming. The Thrustmaster ESWAP controller, one of a kind because it is modular and customizable, is offered at a promotional price during the Amazon sales. The opportunity to take the plunge if you were expecting a price drop on this controller that we adopt immediately after having tried it.

Thrustmaster ESWAP PS4, Xbox Series or PC during sales

Thrustmaster has therefore marketed two versions of the ESWAP model, one to work on PS4 and PC, the other on Xbox Series and PC. In both cases, we end up with a high-end controller with a premium finish.

Buy the Thrustmaster ESWAP for Xbox Series X|S and PC for $136 at Amazon

The great originality of these controllers is to offer modular parts. First of all at the level of the sticks and the directional pad which are interchangeable, and thus make it possible to test the stick on the far left if you are a Playstation player, or two perfectly symmetrical sticks if you are more of an Xbox player.

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This therefore allows us to try a completely new configuration depending on the ecosystem on which we play. If you’ve always dreamed of playing with a Playstation configuration on Xbox, it’s possible thanks to Thrustmaster!

Large in size, the controller reveals more than comfortable for adult palms. Small hands also manage to find the buttons easily thanks to a less marked curvature of the handles than the competition and also thanks to the possibility of changing the position of the stick on the controller.

Sales: Thrustmaster's premium PC and Xbox controller down sharply

ESWAP by Thrustmaster, or excellence in the form of a gamepad

A non-slip rubber on the sides preserves the unpleasant side of a controller that slips from playing. A very good point for big gaming sessions. Moreover, these erasers are also modular. Level directional pad, it is the integral foot for fans of shoot’em up or fighting games, because the keys are very precise and very responsive.

How do you customize your controller, you say? From theme packs are available on your favorite e-commerce site or certainly at your local retailer. The packs include spare triggers, sticks and grip covers, as well as three modules to be inserted into the three slots dedicated to the sticks and the directional pad. There is even a pack dedicated to fighting games with a special arcade stick and katana-type colors.

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Thanks to Thrustmaster support software, you can customize your gamepad as you wish and set profiles to activate using the buttons on the back of the controller. Another positive point: thanks to the modular connector in the recess at the top of the controller, even if you lose it, you can use another micro-USB cable to replace it.

You will have understood that with this ultra-complete controller from Thrustmaster, we are in the presence of everything a controller should be to satisfy our desires for customization, in-game precision and comfort. At this price, the Xbox Series compatible controller becomes even cheaper than the official Xbox Elite Series 2 controller!

Buy the Thrustmaster ESWAP for Xbox Series X|S and PC for $136 at Amazon

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