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Gaza residents banned from working in Israel after rocket fire


The Israeli authorities have just announced new sanctions against the Gaza Strip. Palestinians from the region will no longer be allowed to come and work in Israel until further notice.

“Following rocket fire (Friday), merchants and workers from Gaza will not be allowed to cross the Erez crossing on Sunday,” Cogat, an organ of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, was quoted as saying. AFP.

A key crossing point

As a reminder, the Erez crossing is the only way to access Israel from Gaza. “The decision to reopen the crossing will be taken after an assessment of the security situation,” the country’s authorities said.

This decision comes in a context of renewed tensions between the two countries. This Friday evening, April 22, 2022, two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, according to our colleagues. One would have touched fields in the country and the other would not have crossed the border with Israel.

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Clashes on the esplanade of the Mosques on Friday

This Saturday, a third rocket was fired towards the country, without causing any casualties. For several days, rockets fired from Gaza have been increasing. Most of the munitions were intercepted by the Iron Dome, the Israeli army’s anti-missile system.

Friday clashes between the police and Palestinians from East Jerusalem occurred on the esplanade of the Mosques. Fifty Palestinians were injured in these events. A demonstration of solidarity with the latter was organized by Hamas in the process.

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