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What is the Phoenix Ghost, this drone developed by the Americans especially for Ukraine?


The Phoenix Ghost drone, designed by the United States, has been specially adapted for the needs of the Ukrainian army. It is an integral part of the $800 million in new military deliveries to Ukraine.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the conflict has shed light on new technologies used to fight. New high-tech weapons have proven themselves in complex conditions. This is particularly the case with drones. These little flying combat machines can be fearsome when used wisely by the armed forces. The Ukrainian army has been using these autonomous aircraft since the beginning of combat.

Specific needs for Ukraine

On Thursday April 21, the American president announced increased military aid to kyiv. In the batch, Phoenix Ghost drones, specially adapted for the conflict will be delivered. According to information from washington post, 120 machines should be sent to Ukraine in the coming days. Precisely, they were developed for a “set of requirements which correspond very closely” to the needs of kyiv, explains John Kirby, spokesman for the Pentagon, quoted by our colleagues.

The device is manufactured by Aevex Aerospace, in the United States. Its characteristics remain unknown precisely, but it appears that it would be quite similar to the Switchblade drones. Its main purpose is to attack. It belongs to the category of suicide drones. The guidance system will be easily mastered with a short training for already experienced operators, explains the Pentagon.

The Russian army advances

With the weather warming in Ukraine, there are fears that the Russian military is advancing rapidly in the country. To overcome this problem, the Phoenix Ghost drone appears as one of the solutions. It would make it possible to target the armored columns from a distance, without incurring Ukrainian human life. The army of kyiv would thus limit its losses at the front. These devices would be very useful for the Battle of Donbas, strategic territory for Russia.

The Phoenix Ghost could give a “punch” to the Russian adversary, and limit its rapid progress. Several strategic targets can be reached with this son-in-law of drone, reports a well-informed American source quoted by the Washington Post. Moreover, these devices are relatively light and are therefore easily transportable and shippable to Ukraine.