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Gard: a convoy returns to Monteils with twelve Ukrainian refugees


Leaving last Thursday from Monteils, a solidarity convoy made up of two trucks of six people, took the direction of the Ukrainian border, on the Polish side, in order to provide assistance to the refugee populations.

He stopped one kilometer from the border, in the town of Przemysl, and left medical equipment there. “We sent donations from the Bruèges collection center to the site, after contacting the CCAS of Méjannes-lès-Alès and Alès”traces Sophie, joined Monday on the way back to Germany.

Eight women and four children welcomed

The expedition then proceeded to the Korczowa camp. The goal was to recover refugees there. Sophie, who felt the need to act for several weeks already, continues: “We had contact through the Ukrainian Refugees Assistance (URA) association, first to ensure that what we were bringing was indeed delivered to a specific place, in this case to a logistics camp, so that the equipment then goes to a maternity hospital in Ukraine. Then, we were put in direct contact with French volunteers on site. We left with twelve people.”

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Help from the town hall

Eight women and four children, from several families, make up this solidarity convoy. They will be welcomed into families in the village of Monteils. “The town hall helped us a lot, says Sophie, who will welcome several people to their home. A family will also be accommodated in Montpellier. The women we transport are exhausted, worried but also reassured to be in contact with us.” The objective now is to offer these Ukrainians good reception conditions, schooling for the children and essential assistance from an administrative point of view.

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