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Fortnite again playable on iOS and Android, finally!


Game News Fortnite again playable on iOS and Android, finally!

Fortnite is becoming playable again for players on iOS and Android, thanks to Nvidia’s cloud-gaming service, GeForce Now.

We don’t need to go over all the twists and turns of the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, you know: Fortnite has not been playable for a long time on the platforms of the Apple brand. This could change quickly, as Nvidia announces the arrival of Fortnite on iOS via its GeForce Now service. The game will be also available on Android via GeForce Now, while Fortnite had been banned from the Play Store as well (the game was nevertheless accessible via an APK from Epic, while the closed iOS system did not even allow this bypass).

Fortnite optimized for iOS and Android

Fortnite goes integrate the GeForce Now program from next week on iOS and Android, initially temporarily via closed beta. This will ask you to subscribe, which you can do now even without being a GeForce member (follow the instructions in this page of the Nvidia blog). You can sign up for it on Android and iOS. Note, it will be necessary go through the browser of the iOS system, Safari, to play. On Android, it will suffice to go through the GeForce Now application on Android. The beta will obviously test the GeForce servers to guarantee the best experience, but also the new touch controls since it is on paper the PC version of Fortnite, accessible on mobiles via the Nvidia cloud-gaming interface. Nvidia also announces that it has worked in close collaboration with Epic Games to offer the best ergonomics and the best possible controls. The game will obviously also be playable with bluetooth accessories GeForce classics, including controllers.

A win-win partnership

It is a partnership that seems to be a winner for both Epic and Nvidia. Obviously, the publisher can only be delighted to see his game playable on even more platforms. All the more so on the mobile platforms which are everywhere and which are sometimes even the platforms of choice for gamers from certain countries. For Nvidia, it is both a technical demonstration if that works fine, and an ad for any PC game publisher: “we can run your game anywhere, in good conditions“.

Beta registrations began today. Nvidia announces that players will be notified of the dates of their gaming sessions later, during the month of January. The beta does not yet have an official closing date.