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News tip The Amazon Kindle ad-free e-reader goes up to $74 during the sales!


News good plan The ad-free Amazon Kindle e-reader goes to 74 $ during the sales!

Taking your library with you is now possible without ruining your wallet or your health thanks to e-readers. For sales, it’s even cheaper for the Amazon Kindle which goes to 74 $!

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader on sale for sale

There are mainly two schools of readers. Those who swear by paper, preferring to have a nice, well-stocked library and those who prefer the simplicity and portability of an e-reader to have access to all their books on a single object that does not weigh a ton!

In this category, we find a great reference: the Amazon Kindle. Practical, light, complete, efficient … it has it all and is currently on sale at the e-commerce giant at $ 74.99 instead of $ 89.99 in the ad-free version.

Find the Kindle in white for 74 $ at Amazon

Find the Kindle in black for 74 $ at Amazon

If it is a little less versatile than its big sister the Kindle Paperwhite, it will do the trick for your reading sessions. One of its main innovations is its front lighting which will make your reading clearer and more comfortable, while opening up a pleasant possibility for you: to read in the dark. If you share the bed with someone who wants to sleep, then you can still quench your thirst for reading!

Read ad-free with the Amazon Kindle for just $ 74

Its 6-inch, glare-free screen doesn’t have the responsiveness and power of an OLED panel from the latest iPad, but at this price, we can’t be surprised. Especially since we mainly ask one thing of the Kindle: to offer us reading comfort, which this device offers us perfectly!

The battery is perfect and will keep you going for several weeks without any problems. So you can even take it on a hike if you feel like it! And this is the major asset of this e-reader, it will be able to contain thousands of books in just a few tens of grams. You can even highlight passages, translate words, or adjust text size – all without leaving your page.

Besides its quality, you can count on the very extensive catalog of the Kindle allowing you to buy books at reduced prices easily. If you have an Amazon Prime account, there are even more than 1,000 titles available to you as soon as you purchase the e-reader.

Find the Kindle in white for 74 $ at Amazon

Find the Kindle in black for 74 $ at Amazon

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