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DIRECT. Covid: over 8,000 cases of Omicron’s BA.2 sub-variant recorded worldwide


To follow live regional, national and international information on the Covid-19 epidemic, this Monday, January 24.

– 3:30 p.m.: Over 8,000 cases of Omicron’s BA.2 sub-variant recorded worldwide

Omicron’s BA.2 sub-variant is being studied closely and it is spreading. It has been spotted in 40 countries including France and according to the Gisaid database, more than 8,000 contaminations with this sub-variant have been recorded, as reported The Guardian.

– 2:15 p.m .: “Getting vaccinated is a personal choice”, according to Hublot, sponsor of Djokovic

Watchmaker Hublot, sponsor of Novak Djokovic, told Reuters getting vaccinated was a personal choice, its first comment since the tennis world number one was expelled from Australia.

The Serbian player, who hoped to participate in the 2022 Australian Open, had his visa revoked by the authorities on the grounds that his presence posed a risk to the public order of the country while he is not vaccinated against the virus. Covid-19.

Hublot chief executive Ricardo Guadalupe said the brand, owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH, was waiting for Djokovic to share his experience.

“We are waiting for what his position will be in relation to everything he has been through, everything he has gone through,” Ricardo Guadalupe said in an interview with Reuters.

“The principle of the vaccine is something private. We are for individual freedom, everyone can decide, we can be for or against, that is our position”, he added.

Djokovic could make a statement at the end of the Australian tournament, which ends on January 30, said the managing director of Hublot. “We will position ourselves at that time,” he concluded.

Another major sponsor of Djokovic, the Lacoste Group, said last week that it would contact him to “give an update on the events that have unfolded in Australia”.

Other Djokovic sponsors include automaker Peugeot, which declined to comment on the incident.

– 2 p.m.: lifting of the containment in the Chinese city of Xi’an

The long confinement of the city of Xi’an (northern China) was lifted on Monday, January 24, announced the authorities, who also reported 72 cases of Covid among participants in the Beijing Olympics.

The 13 million inhabitants of the ancient imperial capital had been confined to their homes on December 22 after the discovery of an outbreak which infected a total of more than 2,100 people.

This month-long confinement is the longest and most extensive imposed in China since the quarantine of the metropolis of Wuhan, the first epicenter of the pandemic, from January to April 2020.

– 12:15 p.m .: New Zealand Prime Minister announces new restrictions and postpones her own wedding

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced new restrictive measures for her fellow citizens, this Sunday, January 23, including the gauge of 100 people, fully vaccinated, for any event.

She took the opportunity to announce the postponement of her wedding due to health restrictions: “My wedding is not going to happen. That’s life.”

Before adding: “I have just joined many other New Zealanders who have had a similar experience due to the pandemic and I am sorry to all who are faced with such a scenario.”

– 11 a.m.: “We are at a critical moment in the pandemic”, underlines the director of the WHO

The Director General of the World Health Organization, WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday January 24: “The pandemic is now entering its third year and we are at a critical moment”.

“We must work together to end the acute phase of this pandemic.”

He added: “We can’t let it go on forever, swinging between panic and neglect.”

– 10:45 a.m.: adjusted measures for the Beijing Olympics

The organizers of the Beijing Olympics (which will take place from February 4 to 20) clarified their health measures on Monday January 24, in particular aligning the sensitivity of their Covid-19 screening with Western standards, in the face of the concerns of the first delegations. .

“In consultation with medical experts and the International Olympic Committee”, pressed with questions on this subject for days, Beijing-2022 and the Chinese government have “refined” their health management “to better adapt it to the current environment and support participants in the Games”.

From the first PCR tests carried out at the airport, then daily, only people detected positive with a “CT threshold” below 35 will be considered as such and placed in solitary confinement in dedicated rooms, the statement said.

– 10:30 am: “As long as there are restrictions, there will be aid”, reassures Bruno Le Maire

The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire declared this Monday, January 24 on Franceinfo: “The vaccination pass protects restaurateurs because it avoids contamination and allows them to remain open”.

He gave some details on the identity check of the vaccine pass: “They can check when there is a doubt.” Before adding: “A customer who resists, who does not agree, it will be in the interest of the restaurateur to verify his identity, to verify that he will not contaminate his employees, other customers. “

\ud83d\udde3 Vaccination pass \u27a1\ufe0f “The health pass was effective, it protected the economy and jobs,” said Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery. protects restaurateurs because it avoids contamination and allows them to remain open”. pic.twitter.com/YvlAn1qsY9

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) January 24, 2022

He also wanted to be reassuring by specifying: “As long as there are restrictions, there are aids. As soon as there are no more restrictions, there is no longer any reason to maintain aids “But will I cut the wire? We’ll keep in touch.”

\ud83d\udde3 End of whatever it takes? \u27a1\ufe0f “As long as there are restrictions, there are helps. As soon as there are no more restrictions, there is no longer any reason to maintain aid. But am I going to cut the thread? We will stay in touch.” assures Bruno Le Maire. pic.twitter.com/D56Uc0ok8r

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) January 24, 2022

– 8 a.m.: This virus has taken us by surprise every time”

The director of WHO Europe, Hans Kluge, estimated this Sunday, January 23 “plausible” a end of the pandemic of Covid-19 in Europe thanks to the Omicron variant.

A possibility that Dr. Jimmy Mohamed wanted to temper this Monday, January 24 on Franceinfo: “This virus has taken us by surprise each time”.

\ud83d\udde3\ufe0f The “plausible” end of the pandemic? \u27a1\ufe0f “Even with a more contagious variant, [le nombre de patients en réanimation] decrease. But we have to be careful”, because hospitalizations are high, says Dr. Jimmy Mohamed. “This virus has taken us by surprise every time.” pic.twitter.com/MRIaKPJzVo

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) January 24, 2022

– 7:30 a.m.: two years since the Covid arrived in France

An anniversary date that we would have done well without.

It has been two years since the first cases of Covid were recorded in France on Monday. On Friday January 24, 2020, the Minister of Health at the time Agnès Buzyn announced the first two cases, followed by a third: two in Paris and one in Bordeaux.

The first in Europe.

Two years ago to the day, on January 24, 2020, a Friday evening, the first two cases of #Covid in France were announced by Agnès Buzyn.

There have been nearly 17 million since (not counting the inhabitants who have been infected without necessarily having known it).pic.twitter.com/CJ5b6LdtZm

— Nicolas Berrod (@nicolasberrod) January 24, 2022

– 7 a.m.: the vaccination pass in force this Monday

The law on the vaccine pass comes into force this Monday, January 24.

It was published in the official journal this Sunday, January 23.

From now on, non-vaccinated people will no longer be able to access many places subject to this new regulation.

– 6 a.m.: 301,614 new contaminations this Sunday, January 23

In its report for this Sunday, January 23, Public Health France reports 28,838 patients hospitalized in the hospital, or 1,094 new admissions in the last 24 hours. And 3,760 people are currently cared for in critical care services, up slightly from the previous day (+14).

Some 301,614 new infections have been recorded. The smoothed average over the past seven days is expected to be around 360,000 new cases per day.

And 115 deaths in hospital have been deplored in the last 24 hours in France.