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Covid: the United States announces a world summit to fight against future health crises and variants


Washington plans to organize a world summit on May 12 to put an end to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The White House announced on Monday April 18 that a new global summit to end the Covid-19 pandemic will take place on May 12. It will be held remotely and will be chaired by the United States and four other countries: Germany, Indonesia, Senegal and Belize, indicates Le Figaro.

“The summit will redouble our collective efforts to end the acute phase of the Covid-19 epidemic and prepare us for future health-related threats,” these countries announced in a joint statement issued by Washington. “The emergence and spread of new variants, such as Omicron, have reinforced the need for a strategy to control Covid-19” can we also read.

We know that we must prepare now to build, stabilize and fund the global capacity we need, not only in the face of variants of Covid-19, but also in the face of other health crises.

“Building better health security”

This is the second summit organized by US President Joe Biden. The previous one dates from September 22, 2021 and the theme of strengthening vaccination in the world had been discussed.

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“Ahead of the May 12 summit, we call on world leaders, members of civil society, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to make new commitments and deliver solutions to immunize the world’s population, save lives now. and build better health security everywhere in the world”, concludes the press release.

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