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14-year-old boy dies after falling from thrill ride at US amusement park


The victim fell this Thursday, March 24 from the highest tower in the world of free fall, in Orlando, Florida.

It is one of the star attractions of Icon Park located in Orlando, Florida. The Orlando Free Fall is a thrill ride since it consists of climbing up to 130 m in height attached with a harness before being released at more than 120 km/h into the void.

Nicknamed “the tallest free fall tower in the world”, the attraction is very popular with thrill seekers.

This Thursday, March 24, while he was on vacation with the family of a friend of his, a 14-year-old teenager, Tire Sampson had climbed onto the merry-go-round before falling into the void, but apparently without his harness properly attached.

It was at the time of the descent, 20 m from the ground that the teenager would have fallen from the carousel. Very seriously injured with the speed, the young man would have been transported to the hospital but did not survive, as reported by FoxNews.

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An accident due to the harness

An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the tragedy but the authorities declared that it was an accident according to the preliminary data.

A few images show that the young man’s harness had not been completely closed at the time of the fall.

The ride has since been closed.

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