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Xbox Series and PC good deal news: the new retro-looking collector’s controller is finally on sale


Good plan news Xbox Series and PC: the new retro-looking collector’s controller is finally on sale

It’s the 20th anniversary of the very first Xbox! To celebrate, Xbox created a brand new collectible wireless controller (and it’s frankly pretty classy). Like all Xbox Series controllers, it is of course compatible on PC. Good news: this little pearl is already on sale!

Shortly after its release, this collector Xbox controller is available at a discounted price!

If you have a little knowledge of the world of Microsoft consoles, your nostalgic fiber should be vibrating. And again, the photo does not really pay tribute to the very high level of detail. Xbox has done it right. For example, there is a message hidden behind the battery slot: “When everybody plays, we all win”. Does that mean anything to you?

This little beauty launched at exactly the same price as all the other Xbox controllers: around $ 65. But Cdiscount offers a promo code while stocks last. While typing 15GAMER (in capitals) in the dedicated space just before going to checkout, you will be entitled to a 15% reduction. Which makes $ 56.43. A very high price for a collector’s product, which will not be on sale forever.

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Buy the Xbox collector controller at 56 $ on Cdiscount (promo code 15GAMER)

Xbox Series and PC: the new retro-looking collector's controller is finally on sale

On console or on PC, Xbox controllers surely have the best value for money in the world.

Compatibility Xbox One / Series, Windows PC, Mac, Android
Connection type Proprietary Bluetooth and Bluetooth
Action buttons 8
Analog sticks 2
Touch pad No
Vibrations Yes, Quad
Drums No, optional
Weight 287 grams with batteries (otherwise 241g)

Whether you’re playing on PC or console, you need to know this: Xbox controllers are known to have an excellent grip. It would be a little cavalier to say that they have the best grip on the market for them, this notion remains subjective. That being said, quite a few people would be ready to say it loud and clear.

Beyond the grip, the Xbox controllers have many other qualities, rather well summarized in our test:

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The opinion of

Microsoft has created its Xbox Series Wireless Controller on good foundations, improving several points of the Xbox One S version. No revolution, therefore, but a balanced, efficient and comfortable pad, which can accompany you on many platforms thanks to very high compatibility, right from the start. We will especially remember this new directional cross, so successful that it erases all those we have encountered before. Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars.

Buy the Xbox collector controller at 56 $ on Cdiscount (promo code 15GAMER)

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