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WoW: a 70-year-old player wrongly banned, his son launches a complaint that makes Blizzard react


Game News WoW: a 70-year-old player wrongly banned, his son launches a complaint that makes Blizzard react

It’s the great stories we love: A 70-year-old World of Warcraft player was wrongfully banned from the game. His son started some sort of complaint/petition on Reddit, which resulted in the ban its account.

Considered a Computer by Blizzard

Four days ago, a forum user Reddit seems distraught. Evidenced by his nickname mydadwasbanned, he evokes the sad fate of his father. 70-year-old player who started World of Warcraft since Burning Crusade (15 years!), he was banned by Blizzard at the end of December. He and his brother try to submit a claim (also called a ticket) to the WoW Game Masters (GMs) but are unsuccessful. But why was his father banished? Also in this Reddit post, he explains:

He is a 70 year old man who likes to wander around and level up new characters. He does not speak a lot. It is true that from the outside, it looks like a computer. But he’s just an old man who loves fantasy elements and the world of World of Warcraft. Today, he must have ten hunters to his credit.

To be or bot to be?

If the community was suspicious at first, mydadwasbanned details the process he has carried out so far. His post explodes, and then sees a Blizzard employee (named Kalviery on Reddit) respond to him. At first, he mentions that he cannot do anything for him directly:

While I can understand a son seeking answers for his father, we (Blizzard) cannot take action on his account with him. We only respond to the account that was directly impacted.

A decision he justifies: developers cannot share details of account suspensions, and must speak with the person linked to the account in question. Such a process is put in place to prevent computer developers (useful in the game for intensively recovering resources) from updating their program and falling through Blizzard’s nets.. A system to protect the methods of the security team.

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In a new post, Kalviery explains (without promising anything) that he may be able to do something if the septagenarian opens a ticket again to reconsider the details of the account suspension. And, miracle! mydadwasbanned explains that the suspension has been lifted by Blizzard. An error on the part of the studio, which compensated Zanegreen (character’s name) 30 days of free play. A beautiful story with happy ending.

Source: Reddit

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