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War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin decorates a brigade accused by kyiv of massacres in Boutcha


The Russian president awarded a title of honor to the 64th motorized rifle brigade, accused by kyiv of massacres in the town of Boutcha.

“The skillful and decisive actions of all (brigade) personnel during the special military operation in Ukraine are a model of the execution of military duty, courage, determination and high professionalism,” wrote Vladimir Putin in his s addressed to the military.

The “tenacity” and “courage” of the soldiers underlined

A Kremlin document, relayed by AFP in several media, is presented as a decree granting an “honorary title of ‘Guard'” to agents of the 64th motorized rifle brigade. The “heroism, tenacity, determination and courage” of these soldiers are highlighted in the honorary title. But in this writing, the Kremlin does not specify the nature of the deployment of the men, nor their actions on the ground.

However, it is precisely this company which is accused by Ukraine of being responsible for part of the massacres committed in Boutcha. In this city north of kyiv, several hundred corpses of civilians were found after the withdrawal of Russian forces from the region. It would appear that these people were killed very often with a bullet to the head, to the back of the skull. Following these revelations, the international community took new sanctions against Russia.