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War in Ukraine: alarm sirens, crisis stocks, shelters… is Germany preparing for an attack?


Our German neighbors have undertaken a vast preparation operation in the tense context of the war in Ukraine. Constitution of crisis stocks, modernization of underground shelters, installation of alarm sirens…

Is Germany preparing for an attack on its soil, in the worrying context of the war in Ukraine? This Saturday, April 9, several German media reported that the country was working to strengthen its underground shelters.

100 billion euros injected into the army budget

“There are currently 599 public shelters in Germany. We will check whether we can upgrade more of these places,” Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said. At the same time, Germany is wondering about the possibility of adapting its underground car parks, basements and metro stations into new shelters.

A few days ago, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that 100 billion euros would be injected into the army budget. More surprisingly, Germany has undertaken the creation of crisis stocks, including medical equipment, protective clothing, masks, medicines…

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Finally, the Federal States received a special grant totaling 88 million euros for the installation of new alarm sirens.

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