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Uncharted: the film is a hit in France, the first figures revealed


news culture Uncharted: the film is a hit in France, the first figures revealed

After so many years of trying, the advent of the Uncharted movie does not seem in vain. Or at least, in France since the communicated figures seem to testify to a great success in the cinemas.

Drake’s True Fortune

Suffice to say that the project of an Uncharted film goes back many years. The first time we heard about it was in 2010. and the project was then piloted by David O. Russel (Happiness Therapy, American Bluff) with the main role… that of Nathan Drake assigned to Mark Wahlberg! While Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci were also in the cast, the development of the film will finally have flipped to give rise to an incessant transfer of directors: Seth Gordo, Shawn Levy, Dan Trachtenbberg, Travis Knight… the adaptation quickly turned into an Arlesian.

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Suffice to say that the culmination of this project, now released in dark rooms for a little over a week, has something to delight Sony who has worked so hard for a big decade. While waiting for the world box office figures, an interesting indicator comes to us: “almost” a million French people went to the cinema to see Uncharted. It’s simple, it is quite simply the feature film at the top of the national box office.

Box office regular Tom Holland

It must be said that the star of the film Uncharted is popular: Tom Holland is still showing another blockbuster from Sony, a certain Spider-Man No Way Home, whose cardboard was simply phenomenal. The young British actor is then one of the most profitable actors of the moment and moreover, the director of the film is none other than that of Venom, a big commercial card with 856 million dollars garnered during its year of release, in 2018.

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A fruitful association which could well be renewed soon for another adaptation, that of Jak & Daxter, apparently under construction and which we spoke to you about a short time ago. Moreover, remember that Sony does not intend to slow down the adaptations of its games to the cinema, on the contrary even since a Gran Turismo film is on the way, in the same way as an ambitious series The Last of Us whose release window comes just to be postponed.

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