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Ukraine: what is the Avangard missile, the “absolute” and “invincible” weapon that Putin plans to use?


He may be Russia’s lethal weapon. The impressive Avangard missile could soon be used by Vladimir Putin. The point on its extraordinary capacities.

The threat would be imminent. “The second intercontinental ballistic missile regiment equipped with the Avangard hypersonic system is about to be declared operational,” General Sergey Karakyev, the commander of the Strategic Missile Force, declared on June 5 on Zvezda TV, the Russian Ministry of Defense TV channel.

“An absolute weapon”

But how does this missile, which Vladimir described as “an absolute, practically invincible weapon”, work when it was presented in 2019? One of its strengths would be its speed since the Avangard would be able to reach 27 times the speed of sound, i.e. more than 33,000 kilometers per hour.

In addition to the speed of the missiles, the latter can to change direction and altitude. The Russian authorities already ensured at the time that this type of armament is capable of piercing any missile shield on earth.

“It’s an intercontinental missile system, not ballistic,” Vladimir Putin said in June 2018. “I don’t think a single country will have such a weapon in the years to come. We have it. already,” he said.