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Ukraine: from kyiv, Emmanuel Macron unveils the European strategy to unblock cereal exports


In an interview given from kyiv to TF1, the President of the Republic returned to his discussions with President Zelensky, to France’s position in the conflict and to the European Union’s strategy to unblock the crisis over Ukrainian cereals. .

Emmanuel Macron was in kyiv on Thursday June 16 for his first meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky since the start of the Russian invasion last February. The head of state was alongside the head of the Italian government and the German chancellor Olaf Scholz for a highly symbolic visit, at the end of which the three men unanimously came out in favor of speeding up the admission procedure for Ukraine to Europe.

Our duty was to come and express our admiration for Ukrainian courage

A few hours later, the President of the Republic gave an exclusive interview to TF1, broadcast on the 8 p.m. newspaper. “It’s a very clear way of providing the support of France and Europe, united,” said Emmanuel Macron in the opening. “Our duty was to come and express our admiration for Ukrainian courage.”

18 Caesar guns soon in the service of the Ukrainian forces

Before his meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky, the French president went to Irpin, the martyr city, a “heroic city (…) theater of war crimes”. He also returned to his relations with the Ukrainian president. “France has always held the same position. I was the first president to receive him when he was only a candidate. But many people did not understand that I continue to talk to President Putin. This is the role of France”. The French president has confirmed the delivery of twelve Caesar guns to the Ukrainian forces. Six will follow in the next few days.

Romania’s strategy to unblock grain exports

Main concern for France and Europe, the tons of wheat and corn currently blocked in the port of Odessa. A departure by sea cannot be done without the agreement of Russia, and Ukrainian mine clearance. “This security framework, we do not have it because the Russians could take advantage of it to attack. But we are working on another route, which passes through Romania, the Danube and then the railway lines”, indicated the chief. of the State, specifying that Bucharest had already undertaken heavy works on its infrastructures, financially supported by Europe.

The issue of reviving Ukrainian grain exports is today at the heart of the showdown between Moscow and Europe. Emmanuel Macron, this Thursday, ruled out any possibility of military action to unblock the situation. “We continue the diplomatic showdown with Russia.”

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