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The world’s fastest gaming monitor goes way too fast for your eyes


News hardware The world’s fastest gaming monitor goes way too fast for your eyes

Panel builder BEO is pushing the boundaries of PC monitors, with a gaming model that boasts a 500Hz refresh rate. It’s the first model of its kind.

BEO is not really known for the products sold under its brand: this slab builder has made a name for itself in the shadows, producing LCD, LED, but also OLED screens for brands such as Apple or Asus. However, the Chinese manufacturer has unveiled its new technological achievement under its own brand: it is a 27-inch PC monitor, whose refresh rate reaches 500 Hz. That means it’s capable of displaying up to 500 frames per second, way more than your eyes can pick up, if you were wondering.

The world’s first 500Hz PC monitor

If we can consider that this monitor primarily targets gamers, it is also because it displays a response rate reduced to just 1 millisecond. This screen displays a Full HD definition and features DisplayPort connectivity with 8-bit display.

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The world's fastest gaming monitor goes way too fast for your eyes

The feat is great, when you know that among the most powerful models marketed today by Asus, Alienware and Acer, none exceeds 360 Hz. However, it should be noted that the BEO monitor is only at the prototype stage and that it is mainly presented to highlight the manufacturer’s technologies. To achieve such a result, he notably used metal oxides as semiconductor materials, leaving aside the copper usually used in this kind of process. This helps to considerably increase the refresh rate of the panel, but also to reduce its power consumption.

A useless screen?

If we move on to the spectacular side of the announcement, the part related to energy consumption is perhaps more attractive, in practice, than the possibility of having a screen at 500 fps. Various studies conducted in recent years have concluded that the limit of the “average” human eye is between 250 and 300 fps, with slightly higher standards in people with exceptional faculties, such as fighter pilots. Anyway, even if the purchase of a 500 Hz screen appeals to you, it’s a safe bet that BEO will not offer one for quite a while, even if we imagine that the prospect is already of interest to some of its trading partners.

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