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Sète: Filomer presents a check for €90,000 to the Red Cross in solidarity with Ukraine


More than a hundred days after the start of the war in Ukraine, hundreds of kilometers from the conflict zones, solidarity continues to be mobilized vis-à-vis the refugees present here.

On Friday June 10, a check for €90,001 was given to the Red Cross by the Filomer association to enable it to continue its actions in welcoming Ukrainian refugees. A ceremony full of emotions which brought together more than a hundred people in the gardens of the Lazaret.

Solidarity and unity

All the players in this movement of solidarity or almost were gathered in an exceptional setting, with emotion in mind. The traditional music of the gypsy group Zima alternated with the singing of the Ukrainian national anthem, clapping hands to tears.

Emotional moment when Ukrainian women sang the national anthem

Emotional moment when Ukrainian women sang the national anthem
Midi Libre – Shiny Hervais

The refugees (mostly women), the beating heart of the evening, took the time for the occasion to prepare traditional dishes to share, such as a potato omelet or a donut filled with strawberries. With them were present host families, who embody this movement for the elected representatives Jeanne Corporon (culture) and Sylvain Dominguez (sport-health) and Jocelyne Gizardin (solidarity). “Since the beginning of this crisis, which we are going through modestly with the Ukrainians, I have been very impressed by the diversity and the pooling of everyone’s skills and desires. It has to last. We will get through this!” launch the latter

“Respond present where needed”

The sum received by the Red Cross was recovered in two acts by the Filomer association: a gala was organized at the conservatory on March 14, followed by a sale of 100 prints. A work by Robert Combas, which the DPJ workshop printed before it was scattered around the world, numbered and signed by the artist.

The amount of the check will allow the continuation of actions for the reception of Ukrainian refugees: reception at airports, acculturation through language courses and the maintenance of school level or even medical follow-up… “We will continue to respond present where we are needed” explains Vincent Azuara, communications director of the Red Cross. The association is so active in the department that its strategy has been taken as an example to develop action in the area.

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