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She uses an AirTag to locate her cheating husband, in rage she kills him by running over him


A 26-year-old woman has knocked her husband down after catching him with another woman at a bar in Indianapolis. She tracked him down through the use of a tracking tool.

A macabre event that the United States would have done well without. On the morning of June 3, Gaylyn Morris, a 26-year-old woman, drove her dark blue Chevrolet Impala to Tilly’s Pub & Grill, a bar in the state of Indianapolis, reports the Washington Post.

Suspecting her spouse of cheating on her, she arrives near the bar and asks an individual if he has seen a man with dreadlocks inside, before going inside.

An AirTag diverted from its function

The young woman got wind of her boyfriend’s position through the use of an AirTag. This tool, marketed by Apple, functions as a tracer and makes it possible to locate an object as soon as it is attached to it.

Since the launch of the AirTag in 2021, the American company has wanted to make its use healthier. In particular, it has improved its algorithms and strengthened its prevention methods by multiplying warning texts before use.

According to US authorities, Ms Mooris confessed to placing the prop in Andre Smith’s carher spouse, allowing her to find him in the company of another woman.

Arriving in the bar, Gaylyn Morris sparked a heated argument with the two individuals, according to testimony collected by the police.

Because of the commotion, the group was asked to leave the bar, witnesses told police. Once outside, Gaylyn Morris climbed into her car and knocked down Andre Smith before crushing him, says the Washington Post.

The right to privacy

This story demonstrates how dangerous tracking tools can be when misused. In France, tracers are regulated by law. According to article 9 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code, everyone has the right to respect for private life.

Collecting information relating to the whereabouts and movements of individuals without their knowledge is an offense under the Penal Code.

Nevertheless, the cases of harassment with the help of these tracking tools are increasing underlines Vice. The use of these devices can sometimes leave something to be desired, as demonstrated by the sad case of Andre Smith.