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PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022


Game News PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

2022 is home to many surprises for all PS5 owners and the month of February will fully participate in it: for this reason, we have here some well-felt exclusives, but also games from ultra-awaited third-party publishers which will cause a lot of ink to flow. . What are you going to choose?

Life is Strange Remastered Collection

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

Concocted by the Parisian studio Dontnod Entertainment, Life is Strange was a real hit when it was originally released in 2015 in an episode format. We followed the adventures of Max, a reserved young teenager discovering supernatural powers, and her friend Chloe in a small American town. On the program: big emotions, a shower of narrative choices to shape your story, a gently melancholy autumnal atmosphere and well-crafted writing for this warm experience to be devoured in one go. After several episodes and spin-offs, this is the very first opus that will open in February with a Life is Strange Remastered Collection version on all current media: a very good opportunity to (re)discover the game, undoubtedly the most successful of the saga, some would say.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

Years and years of development will have been necessary for Techland, a massive Polish studio, to give birth to this baby with gigantic ambitions. Dying Light 2: Stay Human wants to be more than just a zombie game and will feature a generous open world within it., particularly vertical since we can explore many buildings: in height, the various human factions which are waging a merciless war and, below and in the dark, a ton of undead. A busy program for this first-person RPG whose hero choices will directly influence the level design (definitely, yes): finally, know that its system of parkour and brutal combat can even be appreciated by several since Dying Light 2 will be playable up to four in cooperation, online. Definitely one of the big releases of February.


PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

SIFU is definitely one of the games that catches our eye the most this month. This is a pure fighting game, hand to hand, where you have to chain and defeat tons of enemies in successive rooms. Not only does the atmosphere look really neat, but the feeling that emerges from the clashes is simply insane: a software largely inspired by great cinematographic classics like John Wick or The Raid… with real originality. Indeed, with each game over, the hero will age (for real, yes) and will feel more comfortable in the different martial arts he exercises: a little touch of the supernatural that we appreciate a lot and which promises intense and really impactful scenes.

OlliOlli World

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

Skateboarding games were popular for a (long) time, but are now on the verge of extinction. Finally, they were because after the return of Tony Hawk through a nice remaster, the OlliOlli franchise holds the boat and will soon offer a brand new opus called OlliOlli World: this time, exit rendering in minimalist 2D and hello to 3D graphics, always with this very particular artistic style. We will therefore embody a skater who, on a linear axiswill have to chain the events and ride with the greatest style and the greatest risk : the goal ? Collect as many points as possible through a ton of levels of increasing difficulty. The two previous games being really excellent and having even won several awards, we have confidence in this promising third installment. In addition, the soundtrack and the atmosphere that emanates from it are really nice.

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The King of Fighters XV

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

When we talk about fighting games, several legendary franchises come directly to mind: we can mention Street Fighter, Tekken but also and of course The King of Fighters, a saga concocted by SNK and started in 1994. Today, the franchise is not dead, far from it even since it is preparing the arrival of its fifteenth canonical episode which will land on all consoles: it will take over the modernized artistic direction of its predecessor, will offer a very generous cast of thirty-nine characters as well as a plethora of courses and gameplay possibilities. The last born of a 2D fighting monument that should delight all fans of the genre, without any problem.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

Apparently, the Muso is a very special kind of game that manages to cross the generations, relying again and again on the same audience, loyal to the post. As a reminder, it is a style where the player embodies an overpowered character, facing hundreds and hundreds of enemies at the same time with a similar objective: to conquer enemy territories. Among the cult franchises in the industry, we find Samurai Warriors, which draws on the history of Japan, but also and above all Dynasty Warriors, which gleefully draws from that of China: we are talking here about the “Empires” version of the ninth episode (released in 2018), which likes to add a real strategy mode to the original experience where you will have to place your armies strategically to dominate territories. If you are a fan of the genre, this ultimate version should necessarily interest you, especially since it offers a very long lifespan.

Horizon: Forbidden West

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

Impossible to talk about the month of February without addressing one of the tsunamis of the year 2022: after long and dense years of development, Horizon: Forbidden West will finally land on February 18 on PS5 and PS4. A highly anticipated release from the PlayStation community, especially given the impressive critical and commercial success of the first installment! For this new adventure, Aloy goes to the side of the Prohibited West, a region sheltering new lands, tribes and dangers with one main goal: to counter a general threat that could extinguish humanity. This open-world action-adventure title developed by Guerrilla Games (the fathers of the Killzone saga) is frankly promising for many reasons: its artistic direction promises to be charming, the gameplay possibilities expanded and the technique… of first choice. Fingers crossed not to come out disappointed, because all eyes are on this Sony exclusive.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

Destiny 2 is a game with a long history behind it and its future is set to last… a long time. Thus, The Witch Queen almost imposes itself as a new title as this extension is supposed to bring its breath of fresh air. First of all, a particularly generous new adventure with new planets and enemies; weapon creation will also be part of the game with the possibility of combining mods and coatings to achieve unique statistics. The Glaive will also be a deadly new asset to put in your inventory, while the Witch Queen will be an opportunity to further increase the level of power for ever more tense challenges. In short, if you’re a fan of Bungie’s shooter and want a breath of fresh air, see you on February 22.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

Assetto Corsa Competizione is not new to the automotive landscape: in fact, it was released in 2019 on PC and the year after on PS4 and Xbox One. You guessed it, he still had one platform left to park on, namely a certain PlayStation 5 that you may have in your possession. A nice way to present yourself before the arrival of a certain Gran Turismo 7: as a reminder, the game of the Italians at Kunos Simulazioni is one of the references in the field of simulation, particularly sharp and demanding, but also very appreciable. On PS5, the game will run in sixty frames per second (thereby fixing the painful framerate of the PS4 version) while adapting to the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense. Finally, the icing on the cake: the upgrade is free if you own the PS4 version, just like save transfer is allowed.

Elden Ring

PS5: the 10 games to watch in February 2022

Expected like the messiah for many legitimate reasons, Elden Ring will finally be offered to the public at the end of February. Will it also be the game of the year like its predecessor Sekiro Shadows Die Twice? Perhaps well and to tell the truth, it has strong means that the Japanese studio FromSoftware still exposes a sensational experience which will mark the spirits. This time, direction an open, difficult and modernized world, set in a medieval-fantasy universe typical of the Japanese firm: its little extra is certainly to have a world written directly in collaboration with GRR Martin, namely the author of the Game books of thrones (only that). From what we have already seen, Elden Ring is well on its way to making people talk about it: it must be said that its designers have already given birth to legendary titles such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne and that, of course, is a pedigree that gives confidence.

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