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Nîmes: Ukrainian children on vacation in Saint-Stanislas, a call for donations is launched


Ukrainian children will be welcomed at the Saint-Stanislas boarding school for two weeks, from April 23 to May 8. Wishing to provide them with respite from the war, the institution counted on the generosity and help of the people of Nîmes.

On the night of Friday 22 to Saturday 23 April, 51 children aged 10 to 17, as well as five Ukrainian guides, arrived by bus at the Saint-Stanislas boarding school. They will stay there until May 8. They come from different cities in Ukraine, through a local association which has signed an agreement with the Saint-Stanislas institution.

With the help of several associations, such as Rotary clubs and Lions clubs as well as communities, a program of activities will be prepared for new arrivals. The objective is to provide them with a quality stay, “to give them a change of scenery, sheltered from the bombardments”, in the words of Sophie Auphan, head of the establishment. Moreover, three young people will celebrate their birthday in France.

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The Saint-Stanislas institution makes every effort to ensure a warm welcome . She has already received clothes and linen, thanks to “an outpouring of solidarity”, especially parents of students. The school children also made small gifts. Sophie Auphan testifies to having received many emails from parents offering help “at all levels”.

“They come with almost nothing!”

The headteacher, on the basis of the testimony of a guide, says: “At the beginning they had to come with suitcases. But some had their house bombed, they come with almost nothing!”

In addition to the many donations received, other items would be welcome to improve the experience of these young visitors, in particular practical accessories for holidays. Suitcases, sunglasses, caps are part of the list. Cuddly toys and games would also be appreciated.

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