Home LAST NEWS News good deal Sales: the M.2 Crucial 1TB SSD is at 99$!

News good deal Sales: the M.2 Crucial 1TB SSD is at 99$!


News good plan Sales: the M.2 Crucial 1TB SSD is at 99$!

While SSDs were traditionally much more expensive than magnetic hard drives, the trend is starting to reverse, and you can now find flash drives that are priced significantly closer to magnetic drives.

The M.2 Crucial PCIe 3.0 SSD of 1TB goes under 100$

The great deal of the day is undoubtedly the Crucial P5 SSD, the price of which is $99 for a capacity of 1TB instead of $121 initially. It is an M.2 PCIe 3.0 bar which, if it does not offer the best performance in the world, is however very fast. Indeed we have 3400 MB/s in writing and 3000MB/s in writing. In short, enough to greatly boost your PC if it still runs on a classic hard drive, or even on a SATA SSD.

Buy the Crucial P5 1TB M.2 SSD at 99$

If you are only looking for a system disk, be aware that a 500GB version is available for 58$, even if the price per GB then becomes a little higher. This SSD is perfect for installing an OS, or for storing your Steam library, which will drastically reduce the loading times of your games.

The good news is that this Crucial (which is a brand of Micron, world leader in memory chips, which can be found on many RAM modules including those of Corsair) is also rather enduring for an M.2 SSD with 600 TBW, or 600 TB of data written before there is a risk of seeing its data lost or corrupted.

One of the benchmark SSDs at $99 with 1TB of storage

At this price, this SSD is also an excellent alternative for anyone who has recently invested in a laptop. Indeed, to keep a competitive price, most assemblers limit themselves to 512GB units, which are much cheaper, but which are quickly saturated if you are a gamer. Modern triple-As average 60GB, and some even exceed 200GB, meaning your stock SSD could be filled with two games. To avoid saturation, we therefore advise you to take advantage of this offer in order to double your storage, or even more if your PC has free M.2 ports.

Sales: the M.2 Crucial 1TB SSD is at 99€!

Better, if you ever take advantage of this offer quickly, Amazon will offer you 33% off your Xbox Game Pass subscription on PC, in order to have enough to quickly fill this new free terabyte.

Buy the Crucial P5 1TB M.2 SSD at 99$

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