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Demon Slayer X Jujutsu Kaisen – New manga merges the two bestsellers


Culture news Demon Slayer X Jujutsu Kaisen – New manga merges the two bestsellers

This is the novelty of the moment: published last month, Doron Dororon is talked about for the similarities he has with many reference manga. We take stock of the synopsis of Gen Oosuka’s work.

The header video is the trailer for Jujutsu Kaisen 0, a film whose events take place before those of the manga.

Warning, spoilers

This article contains important information from Doron Dororon. If you don’t want to learn more, it is advisable to read the first two chapters. They are available on the Shueisha website.

Demon Slayer, Jujutsu, Kaiju n ° 8 … A work with multiple similarities

Demon Slayer X Jujutsu Kaisen - New manga merges the two bestsellers

New manga published since November in the legendary Weekly Shonen Jump, Doron Dororon can become a must and join references like Demon slayer Where Jujutsu kaisen. A potential that it owes to its history, which is strongly inspired by bestsellers from the moment. In a world that seems contemporary, mononoke are an integral part of everyone’s daily life. These strange monsters attack humans: attacks that can happen every three days in big cities. As in Kaiju n ° 8 Where Demon slayer, a special brigade named Izanagi Force composed of samurai has the task of eliminating these mononoke.

And the commonalities don’t end there. The main character, Dora Sasaki, obviously wants to enlist in this unit in order to avenge her mother killed by the watches. And if he shows great physical strength (like Itadori de Jujutsu kaisen), he failed at the first stage of the entrance exam. In the manner of Asta of Black clover, he will get his hands on Kusanagi : it’s a nice mononoke, which can take the shape of any object. This improbable duo then decides to stay in the shadows while repelling the attacks of the mononoke, to make the world a safer place.

Towards the same success as the bestsellers?

While it is still too early to say whether Doron Dororon will reap the same laurels as the bestsellers from which it seems to be inspired, we can note that its author is not at his first attempt. It is Gen Oosuka who is behind the work, he who has already written the one-shot Ghostrong as well as the Golem Hearts series. And if the plot of Doron Dororon is not revolutionary for a shonen, the manga has managed to find a place in the Weekly Shonen Jump. A must for works of the genre.

Moreover, if Demon slayer, Kimetsu no Yaiba or Tokyo Revengers are selling so well today (respectively 30.9 million, 29.5 million and 24.9 million volumes sold in Japan from 2020 to 2021), it is also thanks to their animated adaptations which are successful on the archipelago and around the world. Nothing has been announced aside for Doron Dororon, as only two chapters have been published so far and are available for reading on the Shueisha site.