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News good deal Sales: electric scooters down 24%!


News good deal Sales: the electric scooter down 24%!

A crazy good mobility plan with these Boulanger sales on one of the flagship products of this second markdown. The Aprilia E-Scooter eSR1 electric scooter goes from $659 to $498 on the merchant site. If you haven’t yet fallen for these little cars that will save you a lot of fuel, now is the time to take advantage of them.

The Aprilia E-Scooter ESR1 electric scooter is at a sale price at Boulanger

of a autonomy of 35 km for a motor power of 350 W, this electric scooter will impress you. It’s not a scooter, but this machine can still go up to 25 km/h depending on the slope. With a standard weight of 15.5 kg, it has a wide platform that is comfortable on the road. The maximum slope for this model is 15%.

Buy the Aprilia eSR1 electric scooter for $498 at Boulanger

The 350 Watt motor is directly integrated into the front wheel, for better behavior on slopes and on rough roads. With this configuration, the Aprilia eSR1 therefore has no problem using cobblestones or tram tracks.

Its 280 Wh battery is removable, which will make it easier for you to charge at home or at work. This is also a good point if you want to double its autonomy with a spare battery, for example. The battery recharges between 6 and 7 hours.

Sales: the electric scooter down 24%!

A sports electric scooter with top functions

With its sleek design and sporty black, red and white lines, the Aprilia eSR1 is here to get noticed. With front and rear lighting and 10 inch anti-puncture tires, it was clearly designed to swallow the miles in no time. Perfect for your daily commute, it can withstand rain and dust.

In terms of braking, the scooter is equipped with a double brake at the front and at the rear for more safety. You can view all important information during the trip on its 3.5 inch LCD screen, including speed or mileage.

You also have three driving modes : an eco mode limited to 6 km/h, a comfort mode that can go up to 20 km/h and a sport mode that will take you to the maximum speed of 25 km/h. You can also fold it when you arrived so that it takes up less space in the office or even at home.

At this price, it’s an opportunity to get a taste for electric mobility with the Aprilia eSR1, an electric scooter in sporty colors and benefiting from the know-how of the Italian manufacturer. A reasonable pleasure purchase during this winter sales period.

Buy the Aprilia eSR1 electric scooter for $498 at Boulanger

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