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La Mendoise Danièle Massardi invested in Ukrainian refugees: “When I go home, I feel good”


Shocked by the images of the war in Ukraine, the Mendoise retiree decided to go and meet the families staying at the Chapter chalet. She tries to change their minds.

Originally from Nièvre, Danièle Massardi spent part of her life in Paris, before settling in Villefort. She had a life full of pitfalls with the painful loss of a child, at the age of 4, and the serious childhood illnesses of the other two. She does not conceive of living a quiet retirement far from the world.

Serve the evening meal

She is based in Mende and has decided to help the Ukrainians living at the Chapter chalet. “I was tired of crying every day in front of the TV, seeing the images of Ukraine. I needed to act. I offered my services on a voluntary basis to the coaching staff of the League of teaching, which is a great team. I first helped to serve the evening meal. I finally sympathized with the Ukrainians, who need to talk, as well as with the Africans who are also accommodated at the chalet of the Chapter. I offer them walks to help them discover Lozère, which is so beautiful in the spring.”summarizes Danièle.

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She goes to see them practically every day and, depending on the weather or the occasion, takes them by car to take them out of their frame a little. With other volunteers, she took them to the Causse de Mende, first to the games where the children and their mothers had a great time, then to the cross of Mont Mimat and then to the aerodrome. Then, another time, they went to Arecup and Bagnols-les-Bains. “When I arrive, I suggest they come, I have three seats in the car. Come whoever wants, Ukrainians and Africans. Another lady brought them to Sainte-énimie. Once, we had to leave with two cars and , at the last moment, it was canceled. It must be said that they are very disturbed.

The sense of welcome

A family was able to find accommodation in Langogne, it is an 11-year-old boy, whose parents remained in Ukraine to fight, and Babouchka and Diadouchka, his grandparents. Danièle’s companion, André, loves to go fishing in the Chapeauroux. “I went to pick them up and we had a great day. While the men were fishing, I walked with the grandmother. Before returning, we had a drink at L’Habitarelle and the owners offered us consumption. We realize, every day, the solidarity towards the Ukrainians. Arrived at home, no matter what time, they invite you to their table. They have a sense of welcome. The child is delighted with the strawberries with whipped cream that I had brought and there were not many left for his grandparents”she said, smiling.

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Communication is simplified, thanks to the telephone and the translation application. “I continue to go to the Chapter, depending on their request. Whether they are Ukrainians or Africans, it gives me happiness. They say thank you many times. When I go home, I feel good”, concludes Danièle Massardi. An example to follow.

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