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Covid-19 in Shanghai: the tension goes up a notch, the authorities tighten the restrictions even more


Tension is rising a notch further in China where the authorities have confined the city of Shanghai due to the multiplication of cases of Covid-19. The images that arrive from the land of the rising sun take on a dystopian character.

Faced for several weeks with a rebound in the COVID-19 epidemic, the Chinese authorities have further tightened their measures by sealing off several buildings, thus maintaining the exasperation of the population.

Spectacular images

Barriers almost two meters high have been erected around certain buildings or at the entrance to certain arteries. A video posted on a Chinese social network shows residents calling out from their balconies to the employees responsible for setting up the barriers.

Other images show residents attempting to tear down the fences. These devices have for the most part been mounted around areas designated as “locked off” by the authorities, that is to say where at least one person has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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