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Gran Turismo 7: The official steering wheel for PS5 and PC is already on sale


News good plan Gran Turismo 7: The official steering wheel for PS5 and PC is already on sale

The release of the brand new Gran Turismo game is progressing rapidly, since its release scheduled for March 4 will not be long in coming. To be sure to be able to make the most of it, you have to get your hands on a steering wheel and many models are available such as the GT DD Pro, an official steering wheel which goes on sale at 969 $ on the Fanatec store.

It’s time to play Gran Turismo 7! With its release scheduled for March 4, you might as well take the time to get your hands on a steering wheel for console or PC depending on what you use. The premium GT DD Pro will surely be your best option with its Direct Drive and good compatibility, well that it is only available for pre-order for delivery on March 14, 2022.

Buy the GT DD Pro Premium at 969 $ on Fanatec

The GT DD Pro will therefore work on your PS5, Xbox consoles and also on PC. Please note, on Xbox you will unfortunately have to go to the cash register to get an Xbox compatible racing wheel, but you won’t have a problem with the rest of the bundle..

The Polyphony Digital studio, father of the license, has joined forces with Fanatec, a brand extremely well known in the world of driving games, especially for their premium models. The DD Pro Premium is no exception to the rule and offers a steering wheel and pedals bundle with a few small bonuses.

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Available in 5nm and 8nm Pro version, the GT DD Pro Premium takes the best of both models and therefore embeds a booster kit that will increase the force of the steering wheel to reach 8nm but also a load cell kit for the pedals, which will therefore increase the number of pedals to three. this will allow you to have the clutch in addition to the accelerator and the brake.

On the finishing side, we find a 28 centimeter steering wheel mostly plastic with different basic PS5 buttons but also a particularity which is none other than the 4 sticks that can be used both in the menus and when driving. The crankset is all metal with plastic pedal plates.

In the center of the steering wheel, and above all the sticks, you can admire a small screen capable of displaying three colors. This will allow you to display different information and settings in-game. In all you will have at your disposal no less than 11 push buttons and 4 sticks in addition to the steering wheel wheel which is capable of rotate 1080° maximum.

A small feature of this bundle, Direct Drive, a steering wheel base that offers force feedback directly from the electric motor integrated into it since the steering wheel is connected to it without any intermediary. The Direct drive therefore makes it possible to obtain more sensations than a belt or gear system, even with equal force feedback. No problem for fixing the base, it will fit perfectly on your desk or on a table thanks to the table jaw.

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If you use the steering wheel under Windows, you will be able to take advantage of the Fanatec in-house software which allows you to very finely adjust all the wheel parameters. No need to get lost in the settings, however, since the software and steering wheel already have an already very efficient automatic mode.

Even if it will take this investment to take control of the premium GT DD Pro, we assure you that the game is worth the candle with its sensational Direct Drive. You can pre-order it on the Fanatec site for $969 instead of $989 on sale for availability on March 14, 2022.

Buy the GT DD Pro Premium at 969 $ on Fanatec

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