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Good deal news Winter sales 2022: the Sony soundbar goes to $ 99!


Good plan news Winter sales 2022: the Sony soundbar goes to $ 99!

Fixed at a base price of 149 $, this Sony sound bar sees its price significantly reduced during sales at Amazon. You can get it for less than 100 $ at the merchant site. A good way to boost your TV audio.

Sony 2.0 soundbar: affordable quality for the sales

Sound from a TV alone is not always that great, and many flat panel screen owners opt to purchase a 5.1 Home Cinema system or sound bar for much better audio quality. If you want to make your life easier and have a much more discreet and less expensive speaker, it is obviously for the second choice that you will have to opt.

Buy the Sony soundbar for 99 $ at Amazon

So, yes, it is not common to see a soundbar delivered on its own, without its usual subwoofer. This product is limited to two Front Surround channels for an overall power of 120 Watts. Despite everything, with the proprietary S-Force technology, the sound bar hits the mark and delivers a sound enriched by the Bass reflex, that is, your bass will be integrated into the bar. A good way to save space under your TV.

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Winter sales 2022: the Sony soundbar goes to € 99!

The big highlight of this Sony soundbar is the “voice” setting, which allows you to refine the dialogue voices to hear them better, without being polluted by the bass, which is often more audible than the treble. The sound of your console will of course also be significantly improved. Protect your ears and do not subject them to the sound of your TV speakers!

Sales 2022: an elegant and complete sound bar at the best price

We appreciate the frankly graceful design of this sound bar which exudes a high quality of finish. Sony gets us used to beautiful lines and it shows. The upholstery is textured leather and pleasant to the touch, while the grille protecting the speakers is quite nice too. Discreet, it can really adapt to any type of living room.

Winter sales 2022: the Sony soundbar goes to € 99!

Connectivity level, you can connect your bar by HDMI ARC, on your Sony TV, for example, in order to control the TV and the sound bar with a single remote control. You can obviously listen to your music in Bluetooth 4.2, but also switch to a hard drive with the USB port. Purists may prefer to connect via theoptical input for Dolby Digital sound, especially since the optical cable is supplied in the box. You can, if you wish, shell out a few dollars more on the product page for an HDMI 2.1 cable. On the other hand, you have a remote control to control the sound bar from a distance and change the audio output from your sofa.

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For 99 $ you can have a rather complete 2.0 soundbar, with interesting settings for the audio of your TV, and at this price you will have to look to find better. A very good plan signed by Amazon during the winter sales.

Buy the Sony soundbar for 99 $ at Amazon

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