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Final Fantasy Origin: new classes exclusive to the game revealed, professions “remodeled” for gameplay


Game News Final Fantasy Origin: new classes exclusive to the game revealed, professions “remodeled” for gameplay

Game derived from the main Final Fantasy series, Stranger of Paradise still retains one of the main aspects of the saga: the job system. How will it work in Final Fantasy Origins

Characters with class

A key mechanic in role-playing games, the class system allows the player to choose their character’s abilities beforehand. Generally speaking, mages will be able to cast damage spells while hunters will have abilities related to bow mastery. This class system is already used in the first episodes of Final Fantasy but the classes are then called jobs Where occupations. And it is this structure that is used by Team Ninja and Square Enix, the two studios behind Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: the player can choose two professions from the 27 available, and level them up to gain new skills and become stronger. Game derived from the main saga which recounts events related to the villain of the very first episode, the title is expected for March 18.

It is therefore a month before the release that Daisuke Inoue goes into depth on this class system. In a post published on the PlayStation Blog, the co-director of the game clarifies the comments he made in an interview with HelloSolar.info. In particular, it reveals for the first time (with the exception of Voleur) certain jobs playable in FF Origins, some of which have been specially designed for the title: this is for example the case of the Breaker, the Void Knight and the Tyrant. The first can summon the sword of the God Odin, the second against enemy magic attacks while the third enchants his weapon with the elements and draws enemy weak points:

And in addition to these three classes made especially for Stranger of Paradise, he briefly reviews other professions well known to players in the saga and indicates for each what type of player they are aimed at: the sage, the black knight, the paladin , the ninja and the thief.

“Remodeled classes” for action

As already indicated on January 25 by the game teams, 27 playable classes await players of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. With such a choice, we can assume that the teams have not gone too far since it is more than in Final Fantasy XIV. Nevertheless, Daisuke Inoue provides details on the reflection made on the classes to be integrated:

Early on, we thought about what weapons we wanted to include in the game. Once that was done, we looked at the professions and actions that could be performed with these different types of weapons.

Once the weapons were chosen, Team Ninja and Square Enix decided to integrate the professions from previous games and “remodel them to have more action-oriented gameplay“while trying to keep their essence. As mentioned above, new classes are also being made for FF Origins and are the result of the opposite reasoning: thinking about a style of play, then creating a corresponding profession.

Overall Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin promises varied playstyles via the 27 different professions. And that’s good, since it’s the gameplay that emerged as a strong point during the last previews of the game by HelloSolar.info. Promise kept? Answer on March 18 with the release of the game on PC, Xbox Series, PS5, Xbox One and PS4.

Source: PlayStation-Blog