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Fantastic Beasts 3: the magicians are preparing for a duel at the top in a new trailer!


news culture Fantastic Beasts 3: the magicians are preparing for a duel at the top in a new trailer!

After a very long saga that spanned many years, the Harry Potter universe is now expanding thanks to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Last December, the third installment unveiled a captivating trailer and revealed the new look of the antagonist of this episode, namely Grindelwald, now played by actor Mads Mikkelsen. A few weeks before the film’s release, Warner Bros. keep up the heat with a new single!

A magician never reveals his secrets

All magic experts will tell you: none of them are ready to reveal their secrets to you. However, it seems that one of the most emblematic mages in the universe, namely Dumbledore, has chosen to hide certain information that is about to come to light. Two short months later an epic first trailer which was growing in power, Warner Bros. teams. wanted to maintain the impatience of fans of the Harry Potter universe with a second batch of images for a trailer just as magical as the first!

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The film Fantastic Beasts 3 clearly does not want to be forgotten and, to do this, this second official excerpt takes the time to resituate the dark atmosphere of this new cinematographic component: indeed, a war against Muggles is brewing and is fomented by the one and only dark mage Grindelwald, the most terrible threat the world of magic has ever known.. At least, before Voldemort appeared. Quickly alerted, a much less grizzled version of Dumbledore, played by actor Jude Law, will do everything possible to put an end to this conflict.

In the meanders of Dumbledore’s memory

For it, the famous sorcerer will surround himself with a handpicked gallery of magicians because the mission which is announced is one could not be more perilous ! If the circumstances of this meeting are particularly dark, fans will be able to rejoice to find the magizoologist Norbert Dragonneau or even Kowalski, a Muggle on whom Dumbledore relies enormously since he entrusted him with… a wand!

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However, the mystery around this episode is still thick. The new trailer still highlights some cryptic clues: we can see the mention “Do you know who is K? ». Fantastic Beasts 3 therefore seem to hold many secrets, like Dumbledore, but the most important thing for our group of magicians is to get rid of Grindelwald because if the latter reaches out to Albus Dumbledore, the future headmaster of Hogwarts does not seem to be willing to follow the path he has chosen.

Either way, wizards are willing to risk their lives to protect Muggles, and as today’s trailer suggests: wizard clashes are set to be epic. To know the outcome of this confrontation at the top and to find out more about Dumbledore, we advise you to go to the dark rooms from April 13th!

Fantastic Beasts 3: the magicians are preparing for a duel at the top in a new trailer!
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