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Emmanuel Macron in Ukraine: “Putin’s defeat”, Olivier Biscaye’s editorial


In his editorial this Friday, June 17, Olivier Biscaye, editorial director of Midi Libre, talks about Emmanuel Macron’s trip to kyiv, alongside his Ukrainian counterpart.

Far from verbiage, an appointment for History. Far from political contradictions, a trip in the name of European values. Russian leaders can trumpet that Emmanuel Macron’s visit to kyiv changes nothing, yet it marks Putin’s diplomatic defeat.

By opening the door to Europe to Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy and Romania are confirming their support for President Zelensky, who has been on display since the start of the war.

A major political signal after the announcement in recent weeks of Sweden’s and Finland’s desire to join NATO. Two initiatives that undoubtedly reinforce the isolation of Vladimir Putin on the international scene.

A necessity to lead him to put an end to the armed conflict and the food blockade. Will this strategy prove successful over time? However, it will not be able to escape a national debate, in the Assembly, to avoid a stalemate with uncertain consequences.

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