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Emerging sports forge a new link between Sète and Essaouira, Morocco


At the initiative of Nabil Zeroual, Ironbars34 and the Label initiative association.

The objective is now common, on both sides of the Mediterranean: to organize an emerging sports competition in Morocco. Essaouira has just given its agreement to two Sète associations. Ironbars34, that of Nabil Zeroual, precursor and specialist in these disciplines in France and that of which Najim Benkrit is the secretary, Label Initiative.

The latter, created in January 2021, intends to become “a privileged interlocutor and a platform for socio-cultural and economic exchanges between Europe and Morocco”. It has thus decided to help several projects to be carried out between Hérault and Morocco. This in particular thanks to a rich partnership network in this country.

See you in September

As for Nabil Zeroual’s competition project, things have already progressed well. A trip full of encounters just took place in March. A first contact took place in 2020. The local authorities accepted the project and great meetings took place, in particular with André Azoulay (Moroccan politician) and his daughter Audrey Azoulay (Director General of Unesco).

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“I was given permission to do this in September”specifies Mr. Zeroual, who considers that Essaouira is the ideal city . “It’s natural and warm.” And he hopes to be able to then extend this initiative to other African countries. In the latter, there are indeed many young athletes, but who do not have adequate structures.

Search for partners

In France, the two men are now starting to set up a network of partners.

And they are working to broaden the impact of future competition. This could indeed eventually become the support for a broader exchange on the gastronomic and cultural level in particular. “There are a lot of commonalities. We want to try to create the connection”concludes Mr. Benkrit.

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