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Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock


Game News Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

That’s it: announced in 2018 and postponed multiple times, Dying Light 2 is finally about to be released in early February. So, to know everything about this mix between open-world, parkour, first-person action game and zombie, we suggest you take stock of everything we already know about Techland’s new game.

What is the release date of Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 is scheduled for next February 4 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in the Cloud.

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In summary, what is Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 is a First-person action game in an open world full of zombies, or rather infected. To go from one point to another on the map, you can rely on the parkour abilities of your character, Aiden Caldwell, which allow him to easily climb, jump, and move through the city. Despite its first-person view, it is difficult to consider Dying Light 2 as an FPS since it is more heavily loaded with melee weapons rather than firearms. Finally, throughout the adventure, the player is led to make crucial choices that will later have a major impact on the sequence of events.

What is the story of Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

The story of Dying Light 2 follows the events of the first game as the virus that was found in Harran eventually spread around the world. So, on January 6, 2025, a day known as Black Monday, the military bombarded the city with chemicals where the second game takes place. Unfortunately, the consequences were terrible since the chemicals penetrated the ground and killed the plants, turning people into bloodthirsty monsters. Not to say the word zombie directly, the developers speak of “of half alive people who suffer and attack everything that moves“. Now survivors live on the roofs of buildings, out of reach of the infected who remain in the streets.

Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

It is in this context that we play Aiden Caldwell, a young man who underwent medical experiments as a child. Today, the only memory from his past that he remembers is being tested with a little girl named Mia, who is none other than his sister. After being separated by a fire, Aiden has been searching for his trail after years of being haunted by the guilt of leaving Mia alone. The action of the title then begins in 2036, when Aiden finds for the first time in his journey a clue that could lead him to his sister. Thus, throughout the adventure, you will be accompanied by different characters, one of whom is played by Rosario Dawson, and you will regularly have to make choices that will have direct consequences on the city.

What are the new gameplay features of Dying Light 2 compared to the first installment?

Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

Before discussing the novelties of this second episode, remember that in Dying Light, experience is accumulated by doing actions of a certain category (attack, parkour…). Thereby, the more difficult and spectacular moves you perform, the more experience you will earn. Moreover, one of the will of the developers with this second opus was to ensure that the movements of combat and parkour are interconnected so that the players can use them in an optimal way.

Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

As it concerns parkour, game mechanics have been improved with for example a better detection of the edges, a more fluid movement with more variations, more possibilities of crossing etc… Then, the hook makes its big comeback but the objective this time is that it does not shades parkour movements, but instead enhances them. For these reasons, it serves a different purpose, for swinging and hoisting, but is limited in terms of strength and space. But of course, paragliding is the great novelty of this episode since it allows you to glide easily from one building to another.

Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

On the combat side, the title will not offer firearms but rather ranged weapons such as a bow for example. The developers’ desire is above all to have close combat that relies on Aiden’s unique skills and agility. Now, melee weapons are rarer and more expensive and will need to be repaired regularly due to their durability. Obviously, the best weapons wear out less quickly than those that have been tinkered with in a hurry. Thus, all the elements collected may prove useful in repairing your belongings. Finally, the combat mechanics promise to be extremely visceral with the ability to turn any makeshift device into a weapon.

Finally, let’s also talk about the city that will evolve according to your actions. Through his choices, the player can develop the city and adjust its alignment system according to his needs. The environment will therefore feature new elements that will help players move around the city. Some of these items will help with parkour, while others will help in combat.

What is the lifespan of Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

You have surely seen this tweet that has been talked about a lot, but recently, the game’s official Twitter account claimed it would take over 500 hours of play to complete Dying Light 2 in its entirety. While this information was presented as an argument in favor of the title, it unfortunately did not have the desired effect. Indeed, the players rather badly received this announcement by saying that the promise of a game that was too long no longer made them dream today, quite the contrary.

To react to his negative feedback, the Dying Light 2 Twitter account posted a second tweet to come back to his remarks. Thereby, the game’s campaign could be completed in 20 hours, 80 hours if you do all the side quests and 500 hours to discover all the elements of the game (main quest, secondary missions, all choices, all endings, every corner of the map, all dialogue options, recover each collectible…).

Is there a multiplayer dimension in Dying Light 2?

Yes, as for the first game, Dying Light 2 will let you play co-op with other players up to four.

What are the different graphics options in Dying Light 2?

As for next-gen consoles, Techland has announced its objective that Dying Light 2 can, from its launch, take advantage of the components of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Thus, Tomasz Szałkowski, rendering director, explained that players will have the choice between visual quality or performance, with a mode offering 4K resolution and Ray-Tracing support, or reaching 60 FPS. As for the PC version, here are the configurations needed to run the game with Ray-Tracing and/or at 60 FPS.

Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

Does Dying Light 2 have accessibility options?

Dying Light 2: Lifespan, gameplay, multiplayer … We take stock

As for accessibility options, Dying Light 2 enables or disables most HUD elements like life bars. Some interface elements will be dynamic like gameplay and music, while others will be fixed. It will also be possible to modify various options such as changing the size of the texts, their background color or the possibility of switching from repeated inputs to maintaining the key concerned. Finally, several visual profiles have been developed for people with color blindness, while an alternative key setting is provided for left-handers.

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