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The mayor of Saint-Just-et-Vacquières, Jean-Michel Burel: “Solidarity is not an easy exercise”


Despite the difficulties, the village mobilized for the two families from Ukraine.

The two families, made up of three women and four children, after a grueling four-day journey, arrived at their destination in Saint-Just-et-Vacquières.

Women and children piled into a minivan and fled the bombardments on kyiv. Inna, accompanied by her two young children, Julietta, now educated at the Racine d’Alès college, and Daria, who attends the nursery in Saint-Maurice-de-Cazevieille, embarked grandmother Ludmilla and a friend, Vita , with her two children, Zakhar and Sophie.

One of the families is considering a return to Ukraine

All are housed with a private individual, owner of the former Baudène coaching inn. The mayor of the town, Jean-Michel Burel, explains how Ukrainian women from kyiv arrived in the Cévennes village.

“The owner of the relay, Alexandre Vivet, works in the cinema. He knew Vlad, Inna’s husband with whom he had worked in kyiv. When the war started, he spontaneously offered to accommodate them in his second home, in Gard. Vlad stayed behind, but it was decided to get the women and children to safety. Since then, we’ve been trying to ensure that their stay with us goes as smoothly as possible.

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Vlad has just left Ukraine to join his family. He started the administrative process to obtain a residence permit from the Gard prefecture.

For her part, Vita and her children are thinking about a possible return to the country. On her phone, she shows photos of her street with the scars of the fighting: “I live in a residential area with a lot of offices. The area was bombed because we are near a tank repair factory. The reconstruction work has started. I think we will try to return. “

In the village, solidarity has settled, to the great satisfaction of Jean-Michel Burel. The inhabitants of the village responded present. Alexandre told me that he had made his house available, and asked me to support these families. We took care of the most urgent. The village responded. For us, it’s not easy. We have limited financial means, even if we managed to unlock some aid.”

The prefecture facilitates residence procedures

The former teacher is faced with administrative difficulties on a daily basis. He observes fatalistically: “Solidarity is not an easy exercise, but we will not give up. Saint-Just will not be the village where people are starving.” The prefecture has simplified the procedures, notes the elected official. “We are a small town, we do not have the staff to manage such files, but we must recognize that our work has been made easier.

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Inna and Vita, the mothers, are sensitive to the attention their families receive. Speaking in English or through the translator on the phone, they merge in thanks. “All the people in the village want us to feel good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

With the cost of fuel arises the thorny issue of transportation to find work.

“They have been able to work since the formalities have been completed. For example, Inna has opportunities, but now we need to find accommodation for them in Alès. It would still be simpler. We are a pretty village, but we are a little isolated. I take this opportunity to make a call to any interested people to offer them an activity…”

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