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Dislyte: Osiris event The Lone Star, our complete guide


news tip Dislyte: Osiris event The Lone Star, our complete guide

That’s it, the latest mobile RPG from Lilith Games has finally released its first major event and with it some new Espers, including the very powerful Ollie, incarnation of Osiris. If you want to make the most of this event available for a limited time, we have prepared a complete guide to accompany you.

We told you about it the day before its release, the new Dislyte 3.0.1 update has finally arrived! In addition to some character buffs and nerfs already in the game and a new Guild vs. Guild mode, the new title update from Lilith Games has especially introduced its first major event: The Lone Star. The opportunity to reveal some new Espers from Egyptian mythology, including the famous Ollie, better known as Osiris. To make the most of this event throughout its duration, we offer you a complete guide.

Rule #18: Warm up

Dislyte: Osiris event The Lone Star, our complete guide

Who says major event, says a lot of activities to do. And to be able to make the most of it, you will need to stock up on stamina. If advancing in the brand new chapter of history dedicated to Ollie will not ask you that much, it will immediately be another pair of sleeves for the eradication missions. If you don’t know how to get a lot of stamina as quickly as possible, we refer you to our dedicated guide on this subject.

A tight schedule

The Lone Star event will be active until June 14 at 2am. To access it, simply click on the Osiris display panel at the top of the main menu. You will then come across the page dedicated to The Lone Star event, and all that it offers.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this temporary game mode is split into two parts. The first (“Vers l’oasis”) is already available, while the second (“Poursuite”) will only arrive in a few days, on June 7 at 2 a.m. Each of the two parties will earn you a currency exclusive to one and the other, which you can spend in the shop dedicated to the event. Knowing that there are fewer interesting objects in the first part of the shop than in the second, we advise you to play as much as possible the first week to quickly unlock everything you need before you can focus on the sequel when it is available.

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Tasks to accomplish

On the main event menu, you should notice a “missions” section. Divided into three different tabs (“Level Objectives”, “Hunting Objectives” and “Story Objectives”), completing them will earn you many rewards, including valuable Crests of Oasis to use in the shop.

To accomplish a good part of it without worrying too much, we advise you to rush the story mode of Osiris (quite simple to do from start to finish), and to accomplish at least once each difficulty level of the missions “Eradicate the erebs”, which we will discuss later. Don’t forget, however, to complete the daily mission available on the first tab.

Farm the Oasis Crests

Dislyte: Osiris event The Lone Star, our complete guideDislyte: Osiris event The Lone Star, our complete guide

To farm a maximum of Cimiers d’Oasis, the currency dedicated to the first week of the event, you will have to focus on it. Your stamina being a precious commodity, we advise you to drop everything that you used to do in the game, and focus on the event.

Select the game mode “Eradicate the Erebes” and put yourself on the highest difficulty that you can accomplish without ever losing. Then click on “Multi-combat”, and repeat this in a loop to both farm the maximum of Oasis Crests, and complete the most mission objectives of the event. Of course, the higher the difficulty, the more rewards you will earn. But you’ll spend more time and waste more stamina trying to level up your characters than resolving to lower the difficulty.

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Not all items are equal

Dislyte: Osiris event The Lone Star, our complete guideDislyte: Osiris event The Lone Star, our complete guide

If you can’t buy anything in the second shop yet, you will still be able to see what it has to offer. The opportunity to organize yourself upstream and know what to prioritize in one store as in the other. We therefore propose a list of priorities for each of the two shops.

Oasis Crest Shop

If the first shop offers you many items, clearly not all of them are profitable. Starting with the epic Etoiliums, which can already be obtained very easily by upgrading rare Etoiliums in the rest of the game. So do not buy this item under any circumstances.

While stamina is generally a priority in all in-game shops, we do not recommend that you buy it with your Crests of Oasis.unless you have already purchased everything else.

Finally, the Meredith (or Scylla) Esper seems like a good buy at first glance, especially if you like having a version of every Esper so you can at least try them out for yourself. We therefore advise you to focus on this purchase, although it can also be ignored if the character does not interest you at all. For clarity, here is our list of priorities in the Cimiers d’Oasis shop:

Old Parts Shop

Once you have access to this store, you will only have one week left to enjoy it. We therefore advise you to prioritize your purchases as much as possible, and to ignore what will not serve you. Again, stamina is not a priority unlike the rest of the shops in the game, but unlike the previous shop, this one offers you legendary versions of the various items used to improve your Espers. We therefore propose the following list of priorities for the Old Coins shop:

Dislyte: Osiris event The Lone Star, our complete guide

Contents of the Complete Dislyte Guide

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