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Covid: he refuses to be vaccinated to obtain a vital kidney transplant, preferring to “die free”


Without a complete vaccination schedule, the hospital refuses to transplant the organ to Chad Carswell, an American fiercely opposed to the vaccine.

He risks dying from it, but his convictions are stronger than his survival. For more than four years, Chad Carswell, a 38-year-old American, has suffered from serious kidney disease.

Since July, he has been on dialysis, but his kidneys are declining and will soon stop working. He will need a transplant shortly, as reported by The Independent.

He therefore made a request to receive a kidney, but the hospital asks him for the operation to be done, a complete vaccination schedule.

The patient refuses to be vaccinated.

“I was born free. I will die free”

The patient already both legs amputated and who has also been operated on several times because of heart problems said thathe wouldn’t change his mind whatever it costs him.

“If I’m lying on my deathbed and they ask me to get vaccinated for a kidney, I’ll say we’ll see you on the other side,” as the WahingtonPost reports.

“I was born free. I will die free”.

His arguments for refusing the vaccine

And beyond refusing the injection of vaccine doses for his convictions, he also justifies this “risk-taking”.

I had the Covid twiceso I developed natural antibodies,” the patient told Dailymail on Sunday, January 31.

Before adding: “Many scientists say that I am more protected with my natural antibodies than with the vaccine”.

A hundred people ready to give him a kidney, but the hospital refuses the intervention

Yet, according to Chad Carswell, a hundred people would be willing to donate a kidney.

But he cannot get a transplant at the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he is being followed.

L’institution requires patients awaiting transplant to be vaccinated because they present a high risk of rejection the graft.

Moreover, the American Society of Transplant Surgeons recommends that patients receive vaccines against the coronavirus before undergoing a transplant.

A hospital spokeswoman clarified that this vaccination policy was intended to protect transplant patientswho are at high risk of serious illness from Covid.

In addition, studies estimate that the mortality rate of transplant patients who contract Covid is around 20-30%.

The patient is now looking for establishments that would accept to transplant him without being vaccinated.

Not the first to be denied an organ due to lack of vaccine

This patient is not the first to be denied an organ.

A few days ago, a 31-year-old American boy awaiting a heart transplant was removed from the list of organ applicants, the hospital preferring to reserve the organ for vaccinated patients, presenting a better chance of survival.

Also last October, a Colorado hospital said it would deny a woman a kidney transplant unless she was vaccinated.