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Apple: finally a big discount on the AirPods Max headphones!


News good plan Apple: finally a big discount on the AirPods Max headphones!

That’s it, the big day has finally arrived. Apple’s audiophile headphones, probably the best wireless headphones on the market according to various independent tests, finally come at a decent price! Called AirPods Max, the Apple brand’s luxury bluetooth headset is still quite expensive, don’t be mistaken, but the Amazon promo is just huge.

Big price drop on Apple’s AirPods Max wireless headphones at Amazon!

When announcing the AirPods Max, Apple made a lot of noise again. As usual, no one doubts the quality of the finish of the wireless headphones, everyone knows that Apple products have a premium look.

But, as usual too, many people rose up when they saw the launch price of the product: more than 600$. Until then, the best models on the market were worth about half the price.

Is it a justified price? We give you our opinion below. For the moment, it is essential to keep in mind the fact that the 629$ of launch were in reality almost never paid. Very quickly, most retailers started selling the AirPods Max at around 550$. It’s still high, but much less.

Today, Amazon has decided to drastically lower the price of Apple’s ultra-prestigious wireless headset and lowers the device to $435. This is -31% compared to the launch price. From memory, we have never seen such a price. So hoping that stocks will hold!

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Buy the AirPods Max at 435$ on Amazon

Apple: finally a big discount on the AirPods Max headphones!

Apple AirPods Max: may be the best bluetooth headphones on the market

So, is it worth spending $435 on a headset? If you are an audiophile and you have an iPhone, we want to answer you yes. Like all Apple products, these audiophile headphones fit brilliantly into the famous Apple brand ecosystem. Combined with an iPhone, its use is extremely ergonomic and pleasant.

Conversely, if you’re on Android and aren’t one of the small percentage of people who demand top notch, you can move on and head for the competition. the sublime Sony XM4 does about as well for $100 less.

The Apple headset has everything an ultra premium product. In its quality of finish at first, but also, and especially in its sound reproduction. Equipped with the best materials and all the latest technologies such as Dolby Atmos or spatial audio, it is unparalleled in reproducing and restoring as faithfully as possible the original sounds of the works of your favorite artists.

The sound is extremely rich, well balanced, powerful, precise… it’s a real feat to reach such levels without a cable, whatever the source. Let’s be honest: it’s quite complicated for us to tell you about the exceptional rendering of the AirPods Max without making you test the beast.

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Of course, we must mention Apple’s active noise reduction which is simply stunning. If you don’t activate the transparency mode (a mode, which, by the way, has no common measure with what is done elsewhere), you will be in a bubble completely cut off from the outside world. And that is, among other things, thanks to the quality of the microphones present on the helmet. Yes, even for telephoning, the AirPods Max more than does the job.

Last key point: comfort. What can I say except that this helmet hardly feels once placed on the head. The weight is perfectly distributed. It’s tempting to bang on the AirPods Max and shout that the price is way too high. In reality, it’s a rather complicated position to hold when you see the quality of the final rendering. Especially when such a strong promo is active.

Buy the AirPods Max at 435$ on Amazon

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