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Aena awards the management of car parks at 34 airports to EAS for 77.5 million


Aena has awarded the management of the car parks of 34 airports in the network, which have about 120,000 parking spaces, to the company UTE EAS for an amount of 77.5 million euros. This UTE is made up of the companies Parking and Services SAU (Eysa), Ace Parking Management Inc. and Setex Parking. The duration of the contract is three years, with the possibility of two extensions of one year each.

Aena’s objective is to provide the parking management service with the maximum conditions of quality and safety, betting on the incorporation of all those technological innovations that contribute to improving the customer experience, creating smart car parks’contactless ‘and’ ticketless‘.

They are also committed to managing the electric recharge, cleaning, refueling and minor repairs of the vehicles during their stay. This file includes new tasks and aspects in the management of parking lots, as a management service of the electric recharge and a technological support H24, that allows to solve possible incidents in an agile and efficient manner.


Aena promotes the sustainable transport from / to the airport promoting the installation of charging points in its facilities. The objective is to have 1 charging point for every 40 places in 2024.

The intermodality and implementation of alternative means of transport to conventional ones, as well as recharging points in public areas of airports that favor electric mobility, contribute to the reduction of emissions emitted by third parties, which represent a considerable percentage of the total of emissions.

Parking management includes the performance of services such as the management of collection and attention, security and surveillance, maintenance of facilities that will include the replacement of facilities due to obsolescence, cleaning of facilities, transfer services and additional customer services, among others.