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What does Amazon sell in its new online store?


News good deal What does Amazon sell in its new online store?

Amazon, international leader in distribution and merchandise has decided to open a new segment, a new store only dedicated to a particular type of product. With its catalog and its strike force, the American leader will be able to respond to an entire section of the population in a particular area where competitors are rare.

Amazon launches into goodies and derivative products in the colors of pop culture

World leader in its field, Amazon has heard the complaints of players. Calling for accessories, derivative products and goodies from their favorite licenses, Amazon heard them and founded a special store, made expressly for those consumers who dream of seeing the colors of their favorite characters blaze in their interior.

Take advantage of offers on merchandise in the Amazon Geek Store

It is true that when you have seen a film, a series, an anime, or even when you have enjoyed the atmosphere of a video game, you want to be able to find this atmosphere again. And this notably involves what are called derivative products.

With Amazon, we can hope for a double effect on the fact that the brand is embarking on the sale of derivative products:

So the next time you’re looking for a stylized Batman figure, signed by First 4 Figures, or a Mario-themed T-shirt, you’ll know where to turn!

On top of that, with the current sales, Amazon is offering great promotions on products derived from your favorite licenses!

Amazon: new reference in terms of goodies, accessories and derivative products?

It can be posters, clothes, figurines, tools, leather goods or even toys. But they all have a common link: they evoke a universe, extend a world, make it last well beyond their original medium.

And when you’re a fan of a license, whether it’s ultra-known like One Piece, or even more discreet like NieR Automata, it’s always nice to be able to dive back into those moments that made us vibrate so much. Whether through music, a sentence, an action, even a landscape.

Derivative products are there for that, and we can say that there is not a plethora of competitors who are specialized in the field. It is true that when you often have to turn to ultra-specialized shops to succeed in obtaining this or that figurine.

Similarly, if you want to be able to wear Hogwarts robes as well as a simple T-Shirt with the Pokémon logo, it can sometimes be difficult to find a trusted brand in the field.

It is to this request that Amazon responds by offering this new kind of online store specializing in derivative products and full of goodies from your favorite licenses!

Take advantage of offers on merchandise in the Amazon Geek Store

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