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War in Ukraine: China does not condemn the invasion and says “understand Russia’s legitimate concerns”


This Thursday, February 24, Chinese leaders called for “showing restraint” in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

China does not condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a statement on Thursday (February 24th) that the current situation is the result of a “complex” history and that China understands the “worries legitimate” of Russia in terms of security. The Minister also met with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Thursday 24 February.

“China is closely monitoring the latest developments. We urge all parties to exercise restraint to avoid the situation spiraling out of control,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying also said in a statement. a press conference given on Thursday. “Maybe it’s a difference between China and you Westerners. We don’t jump to conclusions,” she said.

“Regarding the definition of an invasion, I think you have to go back to how you look at the current situation in Ukraine. The Ukrainian question has another very complicated historical context that continues until today. .”

Tea #Ukraine issue is the result of many complex factors. #China is monitoring the development of the situation closely, and calls on all parties to exercise restraint to prevent the situation from getting out of control.

— Hua Chunying 华春莹 (@SpokespersonCHN) February 24, 2022

In response to a reporter’s question whether China had been warned of a Russian offensive plan in Ukraine, Hua Chunying said that Russia, as an independent power, did not have to ask for permission from Beijing.

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Chinese nationals can stay put

The United States and its European allies have promised heavy sanctions against Russia because of this attack on Ukraine. “Some countries have followed the United States by blowing on the embers,” said Hua Chunying. “We oppose any action that escalates the war.” She invited Europe to reflect on the best ways to preserve peace on the continent.

“At the current stage, we should ask ourselves if we have done enough in the mediation,” the spokeswoman said. China has not called on its approximately 6,000 nationals present in Ukraine to leave the country. However, she urged them to stay at home or at least display a Chinese flag on their vehicle if they have to travel.

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, Russia launched offensives in several cities in Ukraine, notably in the capital of Kiev. In a speech given on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron affirmed that the country “stands alongside Ukraine” and that “the sanctions imposed on Russia will be commensurate with the aggression of which it is guilty. “

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