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Vladimir Putin replaced by look-alikes? The crazy theory of a former KGB spy


Sergueï Jirnov, a former Russian spy seriously evokes the possibility that the Russian president will be replaced by look-alikes during several public interventions.

Sergei Jirnov is a former KGB spy. A specialist in Russia and international relations, the expert has been questioned regularly since the start of the war in Ukraine.

A minor surgery

This Monday, May 30, 2022, it was the journalist Marie Chantrait who questioned him about LCI. The health of the Russian president was at the heart of the interview. The ex-KGB member explains that Vladimir Putin may have Parkinson’s disease, which is why he would cling to tables a lot. According to him, the head of the Kremlin was the subject of a “small surgery” ten days ago.

Yet Putin has been seen several times on public television. Sergei Jirnov evokes pre-recorded clips and broadcast daily. He denounces staging regular.

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Putin replacements?

But the specialist also evokes a completely different hypothesis, much more crazy. “In Russia, they say there are three Poutines“, he says. The journalist then questions him: “Are you convinced that Putin has decoys, look-alikes?” Sergei Jirnov then replies frankly: “It’s not that ridiculous”.

And to justify this possibility: “We have the anthropomorphic analysis of the face with which we can say with 98% certainty whether the person is good or not. We have the shape of the ear which is as unique as our fingerprints . And we found three Poutine with different ears.”

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