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Video. Joe Biden falls off his stationary bike while walking in a public park


The American president fell from his bicycle on Saturday June 18, 2022. He wanted to chat with the crowd and the journalists present on the spot, but he was unable to get his foot off the pedal. A moment captured on video and broadcast on social networks.

The scene can make you laugh, the President of the United States is unscathed. This Saturday, June 18, while returning from a bike ride in a public park in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Joe Biden stupidly fell in front of a crowd and several journalists.

“No medical attention needed”

According to initial information from a White House official quoted by CNN, no special medical attention is required. The president emerged unscathed from his little improvised somersault. “As the President said, his foot got stuck in the pedal on the way down and he is fine. No medical attention is needed. The President looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family,” said reported a manager.

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Joe Biden fell off his bike, stationary. His foot got stuck in the pedal straps. Nothing exceptional then. But the RS will ignite: senile, fossil… And no one will report that at 79 years old, he is still able to make terminals on a bicycle.pic.twitter.com/qj60zKGCzl

— Théo Laubry \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\uddf8 (@TheoLaubry) June 18, 2022

According to the American media, the people present on the spot then applauded when the American president got up. The elected official then hastened to speak with the citizens present and presented his dog “Commander”. A child asked him what his impressions were as a leader of the country. And Joe Biden to answer: “Oh, it’s like any other job (…) Some parts are easy, others are difficult.”

The Biden couple were at their Rehoboth Beach home this weekend to celebrate 45 years of marriage, according to CNN.

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