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Ukraine: the United States denounces an “imminent” Russian invasion, the tension at its peak


Vladimir Poutine must meet again with Emmanuel Macron, then with Joe Biden, this Saturday, February 12. In Ukraine, the situation is extremely tense. Several countries are repatriating their nationals as the United States announces an “imminent” Russian invasion.

Tension is at its highest on the Ukrainian border. This Saturday, February 12, it went up a notch again when Russia launched new naval maneuvers in the Black Sea. Thirty ships set sail from the bases of Sevastopol and Novorossiïsk, officially for a simple military exercise.

For several days, Washington has been warning about the imminent outbreak of a Russian invasion in Ukraine. The White House warned on Friday that a war in Ukraine could break out “at any time”. Words disputed by Moscow. “The White House hysteria is more telling than ever. The Anglo-Saxons need a war. At all costs. Provocations, misinformation and threats are the favorite method of solving one’s own problems,” replied Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova.

Several countries call on their nationals to leave Ukraine

Proof of the extreme tension, Belgium, Latvia and even the United Kingdom have called on their nationals to leave Ukraine. The European Union gave the same instruction to its “non-essential” personnel, specifying that it was not an evacuation strictly speaking. The Russians have also reduced their personnel there.

The diplomatic card remains on the table, however. The secretaries of the American and Russian armies must speak by telephone during the day on Saturday. After meeting in the Kremlin, Emmanue Macron must again discuss with Vladimir Poutine during the day to resolve the conflict by “diplomatic means, dialogue and deterrence” specifies the Elysée.

A call between Biden and Putin this Saturday

On Friday, Western leaders and US President Joe Biden “reaffirmed their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”. According to the White House, a telephone contact could also take place between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

On the spot, Kiev launched a last appeal to try to ease the tensions. At this time, it is extremely important to keep calm, consolidate inside the country, avoid acts that destabilize the situation and sow panic,” said a statement from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.