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Ukraine: “The Third World War has begun”, Russian television takes propaganda up a notch


Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the semantics used on Russian television have been closely observed. A pro-Kremlin journalist spoke for the first time this Wednesday, June 1, of the start of “World War III”.

It is an additional symbolic step that has been taken. After having always refused to speak of “war”, preferring the name “special operation” dear to Vladimir Putin, Russian television has changed its tune.

As BFMTV notes, Olga Skabeïeva, the presenter of the program “60 minutes” on Russia 1 made shocking remarks. “The Russian special operation in Ukraine has turned into what can easily be called World War III, that’s quite clear.”

“We have not yet understood how to act without a nuclear strike”

“At the moment we are fighting, and if not against NATO itself, at least against NATO infrastructure, and by extension we are fighting against the United States”, can we also hear in the mouth of this presenter close to Putin who concludes her remarks with an unequivocal sentence: “We must act, but we have not yet understood how to do it without a nuclear strike.”

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During a sequence that can be found in full on Twitter translated into English, we also hear Vladimir Avatkov particularly targeting the United States. “We must remember the words of Putin, who said that anyone who tries to interfere in the special military operation will pay the price.”

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