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Ukraine: citizens tied up, often naked, in the street, what do we know about these images?


Several videos have been circulating in recent days on social networks showing Ukrainians humiliated and tied up, sometimes naked, to poles in the street. They are accused of displaying pro-Russian ideas, which is false.

You may have seen videos in recent days showing Ukrainians tied to poles. Using ropes, tape or plastic wrap, they are tied to poles or trees in the middle of the streets, in plain sight, in public squares. humiliation is pushed to the extreme when they find themselves with their pants down or sometimes completely naked. Some are even beaten, whipped.

On social networks, many reactions are obviously circulating and just as many theories. Prisoners of war of the Russians, Ukrainians punished for having made pro-Russian speeches during this period of war, the hypotheses fuse but the reality is quite different.

You asked us to verify these images of men and women tied to poles in Ukraine. That’s what we can say. Thread (and if I didn’t publish anything before, it’s not that I remembered the info, but it’s that the investigation takes time). #TrueOrFake pic.twitter.com/q9lqdKjDku

— Julien Pain (@JulienPain) March 23, 2022

Deceived thieves

As FranceInfo indicates, these Ukrainians are accused of having looted businesses by taking advantage of the war and the general panic in the country. Most of the pictures show men. Checknews, the verification body of Release also reports videos showing tied women. Abuse, on the other hand, is inflicted by both men and women. These images, which are difficult to watch, show the reality of the situation on the spot.

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In the video below, translated by Checknews, the tied up women are accused of stealing food and “documents”, which they deny. “Now you’ll stop fooling around and remember where you hid the package!” can we hear. The hung signs indicate the inscription “looters”.


In any case, these scenes do not seem to shock Ukrainians unduly. Some officials even relay the videos. On the Facebook page of mihail Medvedchukcity councilor of Pervomaisk, in the Mikolaiv oblast, the latter writes: “As promised. Do not touch them. Leave them standing. Looting is not allowed in our city”, reports Checknews.

As Daily indicates this Thursday, March 24, dozens of cases have been identified. That custom was reserved for thieves subject to popular condemnation. Adrien Nonjon, historian and specialist of the extreme right in Ukraine, tells Marianne that if it is “very difficult to disentangle the true from the false, the most probable version is that they are acts of humiliation towards the saboteurspaid by the Russian authorities to attack electricity and water supplies”, he believes, without refuting the hypothesis of justice administered by civilians.

For the past few days, images have been flooding social networks where we see Ukrainians humiliated and beaten for being guilty of looting \u2b07\ufe0f#Day-to-day pic.twitter.com/WNCIZGLPAH

— Daily (@Qofficiel) March 24, 2022

Practices that do not date from yesterday, already in 2014, during the Maidan revolution in Ukraine, videos of the same type had circulated.

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