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The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer


During the Super Bowl, Amazon offered us a minute of unpublished images taken from its next original series from the Tolkien universe: The Rings of Power. 60petites seconds for a plethora of details to confirm the elements already revealed, but also to fuel the craziest rumours. The HelloSolar.info editorial team deciphers this trailer for you.

The Rings of Power: A Choral Series

In one minute of images, Amazon offered many shots of the heroes of its series. As we know, The Rings of Power is thought of as a choral program, that is to say that the plot will follow several characters simultaneously (characters teased recently using promotional posters). We will therefore find representatives of the races populating the world created by Tolkien: elves, humans, dwarves, orcs… and pievelus. The latter are in a way the ancestors of the Hobbits and are not actually present in the Second Age, the era transcribed in the Rings of Power. We were therefore able to see Tyra (Markella Kavenagh), a pievelu who should have an important role to play for the future of her people.

The trailer was also an opportunity to see in action characters well known to Middle-earth fans, starting with Galadriel (Morfydd Clark). If the Noldor plays an important role in the Lord of the Rings and helps Frodo and his companions in their quest, she seems to be here at the heart of the series and returns several times in the trailer under a more warlike and fierce appearance than in the previous adaptations. Still among the elves, we also find Elrond (Robert Aramayo), younger and still simple elven representative, long before he became lord of Rivendell.

On the side of the newcomers, we will remember two characters in particular. The first is a Wood Elf named Round(Ismael Cruz Cordova). Particularly skilful weapon in hand, he seems to handle the bow and the ax to perfection. The second is named Halbrand(Charlie Vickers), a Dunedain human described by the production as having “a heavy past that he tries to run away from”. On his raft, he is likely trying to leave the island of Numenor to get lost in the heart of Middle-earth. We still know little about this original character, specially created for the series. He should notably cross paths with Galadriel, but the nature of their relationship is unknown for the moment.

The legendary high-king of the elves, Gil-Galad(Benjamin Walker) is also there. He plays a key role in Tolkien’s mythology since it was he who led the elven forces against the rise of Sauron and his evil army. The dwarves are not left out either since we note the appearance of the king Durin IV(Owain Arthur), lord of Kazad-Dûm, the most prosperous and famous of the dwarven cities. The Rings of Power also marks the very first appearance of a female dwarf with the presence of Princess Disa(Sophia Nomvete), spouse of Durin IV.

As you will have understood, The Rings of Power is interested in many destinies. With the presence of iconic characters from Tolkien’s universe, but also the arrival of new figures, we understand that the production wishes both to build an adaptation faithful to the rich lore imagined by the British author, but also intends to offer a digestible program suitable for the episodic format. Many elements present in the first trailer make it possible to obtain certain reading keys in terms of the plot.

Between inheritance and freedom

The rise and fall of Númenor

The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

To understand the few images shared by Amazon, one must not only have an accurate knowledge of Tolkien’s stories and the mythology of Middle-earth, but also have followed the few revelations from Amazon about his series. As said before, The Rings of Power takes place in the middle of the Second Age, during which mainly occurs the fall of Númenor and the rise of Sauron, the servant of Morgoth.. Númenor, the legendary island of humans blessed by the Gods, has not yet been swallowed up by them. It is therefore visible in the trailer from the first seconds and should be a recurring part of the series.

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The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

The stakes of the island will eventually be played around Halbrand, the human present in the trailer on his raft. It is also likely that the latter is fleeing Númenor and its past. In Tolkien’s Appendices, Númenor’s fate is grim. Because of Sauron, the men of the island rebelled against the Valar (the Gods of sorts) and the latter doomed them by overwhelming the island as simply as they once made it appear. To transmit these issues and share its vision of Númenor with a wider audience, Amazon has therefore chosen to create a character from scratch in the person of Halbrand.

Rounding, a potential Legolas?

Rounding is a new character. Like Halbrand, he does not exist in Tolkien’s writings, but synthesizes several characters created by the author. In the trailer, we see him handling the bow so nimbly that he inevitably evokes the famous Legolas, closer nevertheless to the version of Peter Jackson than that of Tolkien. What’s more, Rounding shares an affection similar to that of Legolas towards Men. An unusual characteristic among elves on which the director also insisted in his trilogy.

The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

Arondir will experience a more or less romantic relationship with a human. The details of this relationship are not yet known, but it is said that Arondir lived with them for a long time. By dint of rubbing shoulders with them, he ended up understanding them and let himself be tamed by them.. Little is known of his trajectory, but he is shown battling orcs in the trailer. How did he end up chained? Why does he have to face them? The Rings of Power series will answer these questions.

Elrond and the dwarves

The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

In The Rings of Power, Elrond is not yet the Lord of Rivendell, nor is Isildur’s ally even though he may meet him. In order to make a name for himself, the young Elrond intends to secure the support of as many people as possible. He will therefore try to revive an old alliance between the dwarves and the elves. That’s why he should go to Khazad-Dûm and meet Durin IV. However, it is difficult to gain the trust of the dwarves, a people who judge others by their sheer strength rather than their eloquence. That’s why Durin IV challenges Elrond to a rock-breaking contest, which seems to put the young elf in trouble.

The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

Dwarfs were until then very clearly characterized by Tolkien and Peter Jackson, but still remain a race that is not often brought to the fore, with the exception of the Hobbit. Amazon wants to develop their legend in depth, and add a new specificity to them. The images offered show us Princess Disa singing. If the image seems innocuous, it actually depicts a novelty for the dwarves. Singing lets them celebrate the grandeur of the mountains, while letting them know where to dig. It remains to be seen how this tradition will be put forward.

The Rings of Power and its part of mystery

Gil-galad and the elven ritual

The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

Gil-galad is the High King of the Elves. The latter is, as said before, particularly important within Tolkien’s mythology since he will command the elves during the decisive battle against Sauron. While Morgoth has been defeated, Gil-galad fails to see the threat posed by Sauron, who is not yet in possession of the One Ring. He will therefore reign peacefully, and should organize an expansion strategy for his people. We can see him performing a kind of ritual during the trailer. What does this ritual represent? Does it have a connection with the rings offered by Sauron to the elves? Because yes, the rings forged by Celebrimbor are present in the series The Rings of Power (the title is ambiguous). Is Gil-galad passing them on to his lords?

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Tyra and the meteor

The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

We do not know much about the fate of the young pievelu, but the images evoke several tracks. A meteor is briefly seen crashing. This rock could actually be the being on fire that Tyra encounters. Who is this person? A threat or an ally? He could be an envoy of the Valar, an inferior spirit like the Istari (Gandalf and the other mages) except that the latter only appear in Middle-earth during the Third Age. We do not yet know the nature of this character. One of the last shots of the trailer shows us two hands. A little one that seems to belong to Tyra, held by a bigger one, dressed in rags. This hand probably belongs to the man on fire, while the two characters will probably go a long way together.

Galadriel’s Fate

On his way, Halbrand will encounter Galadriel. The latter is the character who comes up most often in the trailer, and we can already imagine her journey. Morgoth has been defeated by Men and Elves with the aid of the Valar, but his evil hold remains in Arda. Galadriel should go in search of the last existing forces of Morgoth in order to neutralize them.

The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

Moreover, it is possible that his quest is related to the death of his brothers, seeking answers about this tragic event. Very quickly towards the end of the trailer, we see a confrontation between orcs and elves, with a character in the center of the frame (which is reminiscent of the battle of Helm’s Deep). The latter could be Finrod, Galadriel’s brother. The production confirmed that The Rings of Power would also depict events from the First Age, the period in which Finrod precisely died. It is therefore believed that the series will return to this important event for the characterization of Galadriel.

The Lord of the Rings Amazon: A rain of details not to be missed in the first trailer

It’s unclear, however, exactly where Galadriel will travel to complete her quest. How does she meet Halbrand.? Obviously, the Noldor will meet him at sea. How does she get here? It is also possible to see arctic landscapes while Galadriel climbs an icy wall. This terrain could correspond to the frozen wasteland of Forodwaith, a remote and dangerous area in which the remaining forces of Morgoth eventually set up camp. Her mission will therefore lead her to the borders of Arda, without anyone knowing more for the moment. The trailer lets us think that Galadriel will be accompanied by an expedition troop, but that they will end up being separated. Again, it’s unclear how this will happen.

The minute of images offered by Amazon was brief, but intense, and above all rich in revelations. If we can make many assumptions about the events related during the Rings of Power, there is still a great deal of mystery around the plot of the series. To wait, Prime Video will no doubt still give us a plethora of information that will confirm or refute the various theories put forward so far. Either way, we can’t wait to uncover the secrets of the Rings of Power on September 2, 2022.

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