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Steam Deck: the biggest portable console of all time


News hardware Steam Deck: the biggest portable console of all time

The Steam Deck arrives on February 25 among the first people to have pre-ordered it. Have you ever wondered how big it is compared to other handheld consoles on the market? Here is the answer, which may surprise you.

At first glance, it is possible to compare the aesthetics of Valve’s Steam Deck to that of the Nintendo Switch: large screen in the middle, stick and many buttons on each side, triggers… ultimately, one wonders what looks more like a portable console than another portable console. But YouTuber Cary Golomb dared to make a slightly more visual comparison, which says a lot.

The Steam Deck compared to the Switch OLED… and the N-Gage!

On Twitter, Cary Golomb had fun putting the Steam Deck side by side with other handheld consoles that made history. Thus, Valve’s machine is compared to a PSP, a GBA SP, an AYANEO Next, a Wii U controller and even the N-Gage, Nokia’s console launched in 2003 and often considered the worst of all. the temperature.

Faced with all these machines, and even the most recent which is the Nintendo Switch OLED, the conclusion is clear: the Steam Deck presents itself as the biggest portable console ever released. Precisely, its dimensions are 298 mm x 117 mm x 49 mm, for a weight of 669 grams. It is therefore a beautiful baby which poses certain questions on the ergonomics side, and should test the endurance of many players during the game: questions which should find answers with the first tests, but also with the first feedback from the happy couple.