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Skate 4: A revelation soon?


Game news Skate 4: A revelation soon?

Skate 4, the next game from Electronic Arts and Full Circle has been discreet since its announcement in July 2021, and yet, at regular intervals, a few leaks come to tell us more about this mysterious project. What if the sports game is unveiled this summer?

Bad news for Tony Hawk, good news for Skate

If the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater saga seems to have once again closed down if we believe the latest news, Skate has been back on the scene for some time now. Indeed, the once forgotten license of Electronic Arts was talked about again in July 2021 with the announcement of a fourth opus. If the latter has still not shown its gameplay, we had the right, during the same period, to a first making-of (available above) where we can see professional skaters doing motion-capture for the game.

Today, once again, we are not entitled to gameplay images of the game, but an insider, namely Tom Henderson, revealed that we would, according to anonymous sources, quickly hear about the software. . In effect, the sports game could unveil its first images in July. So all we have to do is be patient.

A first look at the game

During April, images of the pre-alpha version of Skate 4 had leaked, which allowed players to have a meager overview of the changes made by this new iteration. If you observe the extract available below, we can therefore see that Skate 4 will have parkour, or at least, greater freedom of movement as soon as our hero is no longer on his board. We also see that the camera seems further away, but obviously nothing is definitive.

Despite the leaks of the pre-alpha version of the game, other insiders indicate that the development of the title is much more advanced than one might think. Perhaps the month of July will therefore be an opportunity for Skate 4 to kill two birds with one stone by revealing gameplay and, why not (we have the right to dream), a release date? Answer in July therefore.

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