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Russia threatens to deploy nuclear weapons near Baltic states if NATO expands


Russia has threatened to place nuclear weapons on its borders in Scandinavia, in the event of a new enlargement of NATO. Threats perpetrated by Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia.

Russia does not want an enlargement of NATO and makes it known. The vice-president of the Security Council of Russia denounced the race to join the organization of the North Atlantic treaty by the Baltic countries, reports several media including GB News.

A reinforcement of NATO at the gates of Russia?

A statement which comes after the Permanent Secretary of the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Kusti Salm, estimated that NATO forces must be reinforced in the countries near the Baltic Sea to counter a potential invasion by Russia by this way . “We have to make sure that the deterrent that the allied forces send to Russia is that it must not even think of invading NATO or attacking it,” he said.

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It is in this context that Sweden and Finland have announced important measures with a view to integrating NATO. An idea that does not appeal to the Kremlin, which would then see the territory of NATO strengthen at its gates. If an accession intervened, then “the borders of the Alliance with Russia would more than double. And these borders, they will have to be defended”, judged Dmitry Medvedev, vice-president of the Security Council of Russia.

An ambiguous threat

The representative of the Russian force who then announces that, “in this case, there can be no question of a non-nuclear Baltic”. He also evokes many armed deployments to come both on land and at sea.

And to evoke the Finnish and Swedish populations who cannot “wish for an increase in tensions” at their borders, and to have “next to their house Iskander (missiles, Ed) hypersonic (ed) missiles and ships with nuclear weapons”. The two countries have been thinking very seriously about joining NATO since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

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